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What about this game keeps you playing?



  • sealley123 wrote: »
    @sealley123 what's the embarrassing part? Heh

    LOL that I played FarmVille I was addicted to that game for a couple of years.

    Ooh Farmville, now that a name that brings back memories, mostly bad towards the end, memories of constant begging followed by even more begging.
  • sealley123 wrote: »
    @sealley123 what's the embarrassing part? Heh

    LOL that I played FarmVille I was addicted to that game for a couple of years.
    Oh....hmm, he'll we can live with that. Course that does open a new thought "what's the most embarrassing game you were addicted to and why" heading to OT :)
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • My husband got me playing (sadly it was just after the whacking day event, so I missed a bit) and I've been addicted to it since. I love my Springfield, and I really enjoy designing/improving my town. I like being able to visit my neighbors and cruise around to see what they have done in their towns too. Like most everybody else, I have been a big Simpsons fan since the start, and this game is a nice extension of it!
  • It's better than the Flintstones. :p
  • suznstl635 wrote: »
    It's better than the Flintstones. :p

    Have you tried Peanuts? :smiley:
  • Tracey Ullman from day one of Simpsons.
    Building and designing in the manner I choose - not cookie cutter layouts.
    The forums - whether good, bad, or trolls.
    The (sad) need to constantly tap and progress and tap and progress and...
    Adding friends and visiting them.

    Mostly, finding people that share this similar interest that become friends IRL.
    Pretty cool for downloading a free game on the iPad!
  • Well, the biggest reason would have to be The Simpsons franchise, which has a wealth of history, rich & diverse characters, wry humour, etc. The TSTO team has mostly done a good job of replicating that.

    I miss the guest star characters. I know that there are licensing issues with some, and honouring the memory of others, but still...

    I tend to like city builders too, and TSTO sort of rises above them because there's more to do than simply collect coin periodically until you're able to build something else. I also appreciate that the freemium content is actually freemium and accessible, unlike some other games out there (thanks, probably, to the frustrations that arose during the event that shall not be named). There are some frustrating design issues that could be better, though (roads, scale, connecting rivers to the waterfront... and now that we're on the other side of them, why can't we move or store mountains?).

    I do enjoy the events. They add spontaneity and anticipation.

    Probably my OCD, too.
  • Everything the OP said, plus it a nice distraction from the zanyness of family life, give youself a break and have some fun, creative moments. What weirdo doesn't love The Simpson's anyways?
    Tap on, tap on my friends!
  • The constant (most of the time) updates, the game never gets boring as there's always something new. I used to love playing Sims and like the freedom of design TSTO gives!
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