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Ice Princess Martin Mission with no Ice Palace

When Ice Princess Martin and the Ice Palace became available during the Winter 2016 event, I already had IP Martin, but not the Ice Palace. I now have a quest outstanding that I can't complete, for IP Martin to show Lisa around the Ice Palace, because I don't have the Ice Palace.

I also noticed that despite already having Ice Palace Martin, the store showed the character skin and the Ice Palace at full donut price - so no reduction for owning the skin, despite my having it already.

Someone else posted a similar issue before Christmas:

How do I complete this Quest?


  • You cannot complete the quest line unless you have the ice palace. The task should be removed for anyone who didn't buy the ice palace with the winter takedown (Most likely after Homer the Heretic event).
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  • I might have had the Ice Palace if the price had been discounted to allow for the fact I already owned the skin for Martin. In previous events, the price of a combo (and the offer) has been different if you already own part of the offer. That was not the case here - which made buying the Ice Palace a non-offer.
  • My ice castle quest is stuck also. I didn't buy the castle and the quest never disappeared.
  • Can't finish quest without the ice palace. Was saving up for it and now it's gone. Doesn't make sense to have a quest that u can't do. Come on ea creaters poop or get off the pot. Remove quest or place the palace.
    Thank you
  • ^^^^
    Poop or get off the pot :D:D:D
  • I have the IP Martin task still showing on my game and Homer the Heretic game is over. Knowing EA it will be about 6 months before it gets fixed.
    Also I just got my 2nd year badge from EA. Does that me I get a truckload of free donuts?
  • This quest is stuck as well. Have skin, but no ice palace.
  • I'm having the same issue. I don't even see the palace in the store or else I'd just buy to finish the quest.
  • I am also having the same problem.

    Also what is this 2nd year badge you speak of?
  • I've got the same annoying quest listed on mine. I also have IP Martin, but not the castle. Last night I had a big update for TSTO. I was hoping this update would remove it, but nope. Still there. Come on EA. The holliday hangovers have got to be over by now. Time to fix this annoyance.
  • Also what is this 2nd year badge you speak of?

    The forum software awards “badges” contingent upon the number posts made, length of time you’ve been a member, etc. etc. They’re meaningless. The OP’s reference to donuts was purely facetious.

  • I have this problem also. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Maybe it will get fixed.
  • Not the only one. I have the same problem
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