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24 hour task complaint thread.

Hello. I wanted to get a space ready for everyone who sent their characters on 24 hour tasks tonight and won't be able to start the ( more than likely ) event tomorrow. This will help you blow off steam.

You can write something frustrating like: Of course we get an event the day after I send everyone on a 24 hour task!

Or: I HAD NO idea we might get an event today gosh darn it, just sent everyone on 24 hour tasks! Gad zooks!

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  • I do 4-4-8 hour job rotations throughout the day. Only deviating from that course if a task requires it.

    I'd be awfully upset if I had been in the boat with you 24 hour gents and ladies. Just spend some bonuts to free up who you need tomorrow morning.
  • Try 24h only on weekends. They never start events on weekends. Otherwise, do only 12h at most.

    I reserve the right to complain even though I'm def not sending my chars on 24h tasks.

    Such as: Where is my 24h Gummy Joe task!! YW.
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  • Less than 10% of my characters are placed on non quest related 24 hr tasks, this is to prevent this exact frustration, those that I place on 24 hr tasks are often unnecessary or simply have very limited jobs
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    I had this very issue when the wild west event started as I'd put Homer on a 24 hour task for a questline an hour before the update hit the store and it happened at the Simpson house and I ended up wasting 12 donuts
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  • I mostly use 1 hr and 4 hr tasks. Overnight i use 8/10 or 12 depending on the day. The only 24 hr task I ever use is for that pain in the rear Arnie Pye just to keep him feom annoying me. The longer the task the worse the payout
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