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Osaka Flu

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How do I spread the flu in neighbors' towns? I do not see an option. Could it be because I have already completed friend visits for the day?

ETA: this is in my town. If I tap it the world map pops up but that's it. Maybe I will learn more later in the quest line.
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  • Oh it's cute lol. I already di friend visits and won't be able to till tonight :( hopefully we'll know by then.
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  • I had friends visits still available and don't see any way to infect my neighbours. Maybe because they haven't got the flu yet? But in one I saw the flu-cloud hovering...
  • I just got it in my own town. Hopefully the option opens up for neighbors after Hibbert is done in 4 hours.
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  • I was spreading flu before Hibbert was finished.
  • Turns out I'm getting "+1 Osaka flu"for each tap a friend makes in my town. There's no little picture but the words are there.
  • SO I'm a little perplexed about this one...can't see how to infect neighbors yet, like a lot of others.

    Is this supposed to be the new community prize thingy? What do we get when we get to 100%?
  • joe444
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    Hopefully we’ll get a sequel.
  • bluntcard
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    joe444 wrote: »
    Hopefully we’ll get a sequel.

    We just lived the sequel.
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  • More like the T virus imho, it's certainly brought this thread back from the dead.

    (Resident evil reference, to save you looking it up).🧠🧠

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