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Losing my money or my mind?

kschold wrote:
I get $15k - $20k for a full sweep of my town, meaning all characters completing a task and all bldgs ready for payout.

The last few times I've played, I could swear I'm losing most of that money shortly after I set new tasks and visit neighbors. I'm not buying or gambling anything close to what I just collected. Has anyone else noticed money disappearing lately, or could I be missing / overlooking a cost to do something?

I have also noticed this, I am currently building another housed area at the bottom of my town so have been spending money on plots of land as I get enough for them... However they are now 50k+ each so have been buying a plot then decorating it!

I bought one the other day and it left me with 11k roughly, I moved a few decorations around (from inventory I did not buy any new ones) then noticed my money was down to 9k :evil:

Haven't noticed it since then, I have been taking note of how much I have before I log out, then check it when I go back in!


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