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EA: A SIMPLE solution to the deco limit cap! PLEASE READ!

Was just on my game and hit the deco limit cap (AGAIN!), I know many solutions have even talked about but so far nothing, until I thought....

How about giving us "4-square rows" of hedges and fences? Essentially doubling up the ones we have currently, this is surely something EASY to implement and would likely save hundreds of valuable deco spaces?

For people who are maxed-out constantly (like me), we have a lot of fences and hedgerows, this could be easily added into the game, I don't see any downsides?



  • It's been mentioned before - essentially merging multiple pieces of things that you will use many of. The only downside I see would be that you would need to have single-size and double-size items to make sure you could make things meet properly and adjust to the size you want. Not an issue for some of the common items, but maybe so for limited time and premium items. I don't really know how much space it would save in terms of number of items, but every little bit would help.
  • Yeah, I've seen (and mentioned) the "group/ merge" thing before, but it does seem it could be tricky to implement, my solution would be far easier, essentially just stick 2 hedges/ fences together, we'd still have the normal "2 square" ones to make up for any short-comings re: size.
  • what was the amount of item cap you hit?
  • nissa762 wrote: »
    what was the amount of item cap you hit?

    I'm not the OP, but I hit 9100 last Friday. I've since added many more items so I'm sure I'll get the pop-up again soon. The message that really hurts is the one where you can no longer add any items at all. Then, you go through your town selling/storing items so you can continue to play.

    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
  • If I ever hit that limit I would be so devastated.
    Here have a banana!!
  • This is the "omg, whatamIgonnadonow" message...

    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
  • Jonalinn wrote: »
    This is the "omg, whatamIgonnadonow" message...

    OMG those eggs!! Good times. Crazy but good times.
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