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EA - you bumped prize values, where's our extra pins?!

You've gotta love the sheer brazenness of EA.
10% increase to the total pins for the top prize, but the only change to the way pins are earned is a 180 donut premium building!! No bump to drops from tourists, no adjustments to Norbert's tasks, & they halved the Daily Task "pins" paid out. *sigh*

Though I cleared Act 1 with the usual 4-5 days to spare, it still sucks 'cos:
*less "bonuts" earned
*people who struggled with Act 1 will find it even harder to finish Act 2.

(And (spoilers):
Act 3's required pins are exactly on-par with Act 2's rates, just for an 11-day period to fit in with the Event's end-date. So this pressure will continue... :frowning:


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