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WHYDW -- Various Houses (Let's See Your Neighborhoods)

I searched to try to find a previous thread but if there is one it doesn't seem to be anything recent and is probably closed.

I've been toying with different ideas for my neighborhoods. I have a small house farm the ultimately I would like to turn into another neighborhood or 2.

Has anyone done something cool or unique with theirs?


  • I have a couple neighborhoods in my town. For example, here's my take on Evergreen Terrace:


    My streets are three houses a block, with three to four stacked streets with one running diagonal. The brown fences give it a uniform look, which is why houses with fences as part of the image tick me off. My lower class neighborhood has a similar look:


    My mansions get a different look. I have four blocks worth, not counting the massive ones (Burns, Ziff, and Jay G's mansions). Here's my take on Reclusive Estates:



  • Those are fantastic! Great job!
  • This is my main residential area. I created this about 2 years ago and add to it a little every now and then. It still needs some work. The Simpson house was the geographical center at the time of creation. I then built my town out from here.

    My town 5/13/20: https://i.imgur.com/GHOIICG.jpg. I accept most neighbor requests.
  • I have a few residential areas - though admittedly a lot of them are remnants of early building work, and could do with an overhaul.

    Evergreen Terrace area, one of my first projects:


    Nearby there's some cheap beach houses, from when we first got beaches:


    I also made a "gated community" for some of the more upmarket houses:


    These row houses (near the gated community) were really fun!


    And mansion homes typically go in my Springfield Heights:

  • Fun to see these! I have a few.


    My first neighborhood area from 2014:

    Rural Housing:

    Previous Mansion Area (tried for a Hollywood Hills feel):

    Stuff and Things - Designs by SWK
  • Very nice!
  • I almost forgot: I keep a row of beach cabanas by Squidport and the beach:
  • A couple of pictures from a design I have been working on recently:
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  • Muhsterino wrote: »
    A couple of pictures from a design I have been working on recently:

    I love gardens <3
  • @Muhsterino wow! nice job
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