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Servers down?


  • Same here, southern Oregon coast. But the rain has stopped for a while so good timing to take the dog for a walk before the next deluge.
  • Guess someone poked a hole in the cloud and all the data fell out.
  • Still not working in California, USA
  • No show in the Netherlands. Worldwide?
  • Down liverpool gutted
  • Hi I'm in the uk and not been able to get on the game all afternoon. Just a spinning donut. Uninstalled and reinstalled But no luck.
  • Further to my previous post about Amazon S3:
    Amazon Web Services is scrambling to recover from a cockup at its facility in Virginia, US, that is causing its S3 cloud storage to fail.

    The internet giant has yet to reveal the cause of the breakdown, which is plaguing storage buckets hosted in the US-East-1 region. The malady kicked off around 0944 Pacific Time (1744 UTC) today.

    It has led to major websites and services – including Imgur, Medium and the Docker Registry Hub – falling offline, missing images, or left running like treacle. We're also hearing loads of media titles that use S3 to serve images, plus Runkeeper, Trello, and Yahoo webmail, are all suffering: basically, this outage has knackered half the internet, it seems.

    Just to stress: this is one S3 region that has become inaccessible, yet web apps are tripping up and vanishing as their backend evaporates away.

    AWS, for some reason, insists this isn't an "outage" but rather a case of "increased error rates" for its most popular cloud service. Infuriatingly, the status dashboard for AWS shows all green ticks at time of writing, despite what feels like a chunk of the internet going missing as a result of the downtime.

    "We've identified the issue as high error rates with S3 in US-EAST-1, which is also impacting applications and services dependent on S3. We are actively working on remediating the issue," the Amazon Web Services team said a few moments ago.
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  • Update number 2 everyone. EA has confirmed Amazon S3 outage is the cause of this issue. Once they have solved it from their side all should be back to normal. EA teams are also working from their side to get services back up and running as well.

    Again thank you from keeping us all from going (even further) crazy.
  • techcrunch website says that it is US East amazon services.
  • A communications disruption can mean only one thing - invasion.
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  • Either getting bart or synchronising.

    BSG Squadrons is down also.

    What did we used to do before this stuff? There's a big box in the corner of my room there's voice coming from it and all the furniture points at it. Anybody know what that is?
  • I had everyone on hour tasks... :s
  • I was back in for a second... purgatory again.

    "I spin you right round, baby right round. Like a donut baby round round."

  • moxxee
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    Some Amazon servers are down, so that might have something to do with it. Not sure if EA uses Amazon servers.
  • j-n-n-a-x wrote: »
    I had everyone on hour tasks... :s
    I was halfway through that myself when it went down for 18 minutes, then as I did the rest...gone!....luckily I was on the last Norbert trip of the day and had people grinding in my monorail so not all is lost
    You just had to look didn't ya!...
  • Got on long enough to clear my travelers then Boom! Bart screen.
  • I got on and was playing fine for a while. Then I tried to switch towns and cant get back in. I should have left well enough alone
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  • When the outage makes the front page of drudge, you know you have a problem.
  • I was in briefly as well - a 2 min gaming window maybe. It's strange that only the really good looking people can get in!
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  • DaveF-2016 wrote: »
    zlevell786 wrote: »
    DaveF-2016 wrote: »
    zlevell786 wrote: »
    Down in Salford, England.

    @beetlejuic657 I grew up in Salford. :smile:

    @zlevell786 And bet you couldn't wait to get away....how far did you get.....Ordsall has been renewed you know if you wanna come back... :lol:

    @DaveF-2016 I left in '01, and have no desire to come back. Lol. My family are still there though. Right next to the casino.

    Yes, I know the place, must've cost a fortune on the Friday chippy tea at a certain local fish and chip establishment....

    That it did! :lol:
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