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  • Would love to add new players but can't do anything until these server issues are fixed...anyway I'm level 108 and log on several times a day
  • I am "bluebluerbluest" and would appreciate any new Tapped Out friends.
    My wife "sylviasprout" and a coworker of hers she recently infected with the sky finger love "donna37" would too!

    I add their names on their behalf because while both talk of needing more neither are inclined to forum much and I know seeing new friends would elate them both.

    I tap 4-5 times a day on average give or take a day.
    The Mrs taps at least once a day and her work compatriot must tap like a maniac because she has risen faster in level and land than I ever did only a few months in.

    Thank you for considering us as new Springfield neighbors!
  • Add me sportfan96
  • Please add me kyrstinp I play everyday.
  • I'm a long-time player and I need to rebuild my friends list after I recently purged the inactive ones. I'm play daily and I log in 4-5 times per day.

  • I am level 140 and play every day. But, I had to remove a lot of inactive friends and am looking for new active friends. Jenwenhar
  • Still looking for friends. I am a longtime player, but only at lvl 120. I play daily, several times, so my town remains nice and clean, so you have a lot of places to tap.

    When busy at work, I don't tour other towns, because the loadtimes are so ridiculously high, but with events, I go full on :)

    Add me Glenn_Butteral
  • I am active 24\7 please add me!
  • sherri71366
    9 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    Sherri71366 I play every day
  • charlesund60
    4 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    charlesund60, active 24/7 and I check friends' towns daily, and I add anyone who sends me a request :)
  • Please add me. I play everyday and check towns.

  • Add me


  • Please add hubby & me,,,, thanks in advance
  • plenty more spots for new friends so add me..Lvl 128
  • Add me emiwishes play daily level 84
  • active player. JohnPDBurns add me
  • Feel free to add me! I'm level 126 and I usually play a few times every day. I try to be a good neighbor, too!
  • I'm level 103 and I play everyday. Add me, FusingZeus.
  • Active every day. Been playing for years.

  • Schliematt : add me please. active everyday. during events will at least do enough friend taps as the events give you things for, assumin the game isnt crashin as I visit them (literally there are times it crashes every other town, it gets too frustrating.). Usually go a - z one day and z - a the next day. the other day deleted all old friends and crashing has become non existant thank goodness but need more friends to fill out the list. thanks.
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