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norbert task missing


  • Same problem. No Norbert plane and tasks have different clues depending on where you look (suitcase or airport)
  • Also having this problem, also reported. Very frustrating being a completion-ist not being able to complete the last leg of the event.
    It's resetting in the middle of some of my correct trips, and not giving me the bonus points for it.
  • I'm also having this problem. I got the task from Norbert to unlock the plane (and it's still in my task bar) but before I could complete it the prize went away and was replaced with lost luggage.

    I contacted EA support but they were useless and told me to post here!! I already know it's an issue for a lot of people so I hope EA fixes it!!
  • I'm having the same problem. I have the task to get Uncle Norbert's plane but the plane disappeared from my prize track and I just keep getting suitcases. I also have the glitch where the destination trivia is different in the airport menu from the event menu and often the correct answer for either question is not there. I'm upset because I was doing really well with this event but now it looks like I'll be screwed out of the final prizes.
  • Same issue....
  • I have the same problem as well! I can't get to the last prize because of his glitch and it's ending in one day! Someone please fix this soon
  • I'm also having this problem! Very frustrating! Hope EA sorts it soon
  • Me too :( EA please resolve this issue, it is not fair for people who just spent a month playing Around The World Event
  • Having the same problem.

  • pinkjade98 wrote: »
    I am having the same issue. Friday night, I had almost earned the plane, but when I cleared tasks Saturday morning, it started over, and took away option to get it. Since then when I send characters on flights, it only gives me tasks for 500 pins and don't have the option to earn the plane, but sky credits. However, whenever I earn the 500 pins it resets again. It is frustrating.

    Same here.
  • I'm having the same issue. Task will complete then reset....multiple times to the point where the location of the clue isn't listed anymore. This is probably going to prevent me fro, both getting the samba studio and Norbert because I can't get enough pins if I'm stuck on the first task.
  • I'm having the same issue
  • Having the same issue, and have been having it all weekend too. Everything reset yet again this morning. Unless EA does something, it looks like I won't be getting Norbert.
  • I think it is fixed! I entered today and magically i have the plane!
  • +1 me too
  • I have the same issue too. Rmmarchand324 - how do you submit a ticket to EA?
  • My grandson's game -

    Calebsecor - has the same problem no opportunity to get the plane. Hopefully, they'll have a patch today so we can both get Norbert, his plane and the golden train. Played too much and too long to not get the final prize!
  • Same issue on iPad. Uninstall/reinstall doesn't help.
  • 10dropkick
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    I haven't received the plane at all, either!
  • I have the problem as well
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