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Hey EA! Please bring back the Duffman deal!

Gil's Hellfish deal just seemed to wipe the Duffman rebate and St. Patrick's Day items. They should be around for another two days yet! I only needed ONE more donut to get Duffman....

Please bring him back!!


  • Same for me, needed 2 more Donuts.
    Please bring it back!
    If i had knewn it would have been gone i'd had bought some Donuts to get him, thats just unfair.
  • EnderFlame64
    346 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    I already had the duffman deal but they should bring it back for people who haven't gotten it.
  • The worst thing is, that Duffman himself and the brewery are gone. I see him no where in the shop
  • p3bowman
    524 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    I noticed the same thing. Why is he gone from the store? I'm hoping it was all a mistake and they are working on a patch now. I really want the whole deal for 190 donuts.

    I'm presenting at a conference today and wanted to buy Duffman as a post-presentation reward to myself. :'(
  • Ugh... and if past experience is anything to go by, there'll be zero explanation and it won't come back till next year. I really wanted to get this too.
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