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Top 10 Best TSTO Events

This is my OPINION, so yeah

I did a Top 10 Worst TSTO Events, check it out here! https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/95311/top-10-worst-tsto-events-updated/p1

10. Monorail Event (Would of put this higher but it was a permanent feature/event)

9. Squidport Event (Would of put this higher but again it was a permanent feature/event)

8. Superheros Event

7. Christmas 2014

6. Stonecutter Event

5. Krustyland Event (It was a permanent feature/event but everyone was demanding for this and I liked it)

4. Christmas 2012

3. Whacking Day

2. Halloween 2012

1. Christmas 2013

If you want reasons why I love these events tell me and I will and tell me if I should do something else like this.



  • nlaje596
    28 posts Member
    They sound awesome! Sadly i wasn't around when all of them started...
  • Pagan,superhero and secret agent events were best
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • nlaje596 wrote: »
    They sound awesome! Sadly i wasn't around when all of them started...

    Wow you missed some great events.
  • What no love for Vegas event?! ? That was my favourite cause of all the flashy prizes. Lots of animation, fountains and floodlights...loved it all!
  • I wouldn't mind if they did more sequels. I would like to expand my Wild West, Casino-town, and Retro-land.
  • simpsonare
    2462 posts Member
    Burns casino not on here.... discredited
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • bluntcard
    4133 posts Member
    I didn't love The Casino event. Some good items, but most of the buildings are in storage.

    My fav events are most of the THOH events and 'most" of the Winter events. Stonecutters is a classic, great event. Really would love a part two.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • simpsonare
    2462 posts Member
    Well you must have superior standards. My casino area is one of my favorite parts of my town with how all the lights flash and glow.
    $$Donuts isn't an issue$$ -$1,000 spent-tk7ebwtnrlv3.jpg
  • I liked the Easter events too. I guess there's not much I didn't like....
  • Glad Wacking Day is up there, it was one of my favs too! I love how you could wack the snakes and it sounded like you were slapping someone in the face.
  • rw228
    1060 posts Member
    I wish Whacking Day would be an annual event like it is in the show. The first one had great prizes even though the mechanics were a little though to work with.
  • gypsymacgyver
    207 posts Member
    edited May 2017
    Unless you are talking about the mini-whacking day, you are misremembering. The original one was 'heck'. Having to find every snake in 100 neighbours' towns every day in order to win all the prizes. Having to go to each neighbour from the menu at that point, as the visit next neighbour buttons weren't there. Having a loading time of about a minute for each neighbour. It took a solid hour and a half each day. So painful. Not that other events haven't been a drag, especially these 6 week jobs recently, but that was the only one I struggled to complete despite Herculean efforts.
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