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Lost money glitch

Anybody else notice a glitch where money is lost in between bonuts, xp donuts and Maggie donuts. It seems to revert back to the amount from the previous donut round. For example I had 5 million dollars when I got the xp donuts then accumulated 500k before I achieved bonuts then that accumulated 500k disappears and the money total reverts back to 5 million. I've lost several million dollars in the process but with the fluctuation of money amount I feel there is no recourse. Very frustrating!!!
Anybody else notice this?
Hopefully it gets fixed soon but the way glitches seem to work are the ones that get patched are the ones that negatively affect EAs wallet!


  • By any chance when you get the 3 donut boxes to appear and say like you get 1 donut or 2 do you click on the others to try and get 3 donuts instead and if that's the case then each box is costing money. Easily goes down if your farming donuts too.
    Here have a banana!!
  • milkaholic991
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    I just logged in and lost billions today.. nothing having to do with Bonuts though. Logged in about 2 hours ago and had about 4 billion, logged in right now and have 300K.

    Edit: This was after relieving Cecil after his $10M job.
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