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I have questions about "too many items in my town"

Does my inventory have anything to do with too many items?
Do NPC's have anything to do with it?
I've been storing decorations like crazy but I am still having gameplay issues. It seems like several updates ago my game and friend visits were going sooooo smooth then just recently I've noticed slow downs in my gameplay and one of my known neighbors told me that he gets booted every time he visits my town. Do I just need to delete more? Do I need to sell inventory items?? I've finally got to a desirable XP percentage but now my game runs like


  • nah your inventory is unlimited, it's about the number of items you have placed.
  • Guess I have some more bushes, fences and flowers to delete.
  • I'd empty your cache and re-download the app. That sometimes helps as well. I removed my bridges at one point because instead of just a piece of road and water it qualifies as four items. I always keep a look out for my fences behind buildings and decorations that you can't see anyway and remove those too.
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