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Did you start playing TSTO during an event?

I did. It was Halloween 2013. I saw an ad on a random website. Simpsons and Halloween? I was hooked. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was a blast. I remember getting stuck during the event questline because I needed either Marge or Moe and I had yet to unlock them. I was still able to finish the event. Seemed so easy. I remember checking the counter on the community prizes and hoping we would reach the goal...LOL I was so clueless.

It seems here lately that it could be difficult finishing some acts if you start the game in the midst of one.
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    I started playing the day it was released on the US App Store. March 1, 2012. Back then there wasn't no updates at all because the game was pulled from all App Stores 2 days later. And wasn't put back until August 2012. So all we had was the initial 20 levels. A lot of people gave up hope back then. We also had this forum too, but it was a different scene back then. @KrustyBrand can attest to this. He was there with me in those days.

    It wasn't until September 21, that we got our first ever content update. Level 21, then a week later we got the very first ever Episode Tie-in, followed by the very first event. Halloween 2012 and the rest is history.
  • meinaz
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    I didn't. I started right after whacking day ended. Squidport and Krustyland were released during the summer but no real timed event, so I was able to progress without event issues.
  • I'm not sure, I either started right after whacking day, or just as Stonecutters started. I'm not sure if there was anything between those two, but I know I missed WD and really struggled with Stonecutters.
    It was a while after before I made it to the forum, I'd been on others and they were a waste of time.
  • As I've probably described ad nauseam, Aug 14th last year, just about 36hrs before Sci-Fi hit.... I hadn't a clue what was happening and my town looked so out of place with more futuristic buildings than normal.. to this day they're still set against the mountains to try and lessen their look around my town....

    That was the only time I ever missed out on an act prize as well, Sgt. Skinner in Act 1, simply because I was new at it I think, made sure I got President Lisa and that's when I was suckered in...
    You just had to look didn't ya!...
  • liamchandler
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    I think I first downloaded just before the thanksgiving 2013 event, which feels longer than 4 years ago
    Srcatch that, took a look at the wiki it was some weeks before the 2013 whacking event I have prizes from then.
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  • johncolombo
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    I started playing a few weeks before Xmas 2012. No event going on. When the Xmas event started it was super easy. You just tapped Santa coins so you could continue playing the game and progress. The main characters had winter related tasks that earned coins as well but since we didn't have railyard back then I don't remember any event interruptions either.
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  • Last halloween during the first act. Didn't get to the final prize but i made the other 2 acts to the end.
  • Whacking Day. Fell in love immediately.
  • I started when it started on Android. I have no idea when that was. Seems like a lifetime ago. Didn't expect it to go this long.
  • I started the day it released for Android, which was at the tail end of Valentine's Day 2013, so I couldn't get anything from that event. St. Patty's came up just after, followed by Whacking Day.
  • Downloaded it when it first came out (March 2012) but I didn't "get it" and deleted the app (doh!)

    Re-downloaded years later in the midst of Superheroes 2 and never looked back. I didn't know what I was doing during that event - hadn't found this forum yet - but was able to craft a ton of income producing buildings starting a nice little farm.
  • I started during the second Halloween event. I don't know what year that was.

    I really don't want to think about how long it's been, because i haven't stopped playing since. I'm not even sure i brush my teeth so consistently.
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  • When my wife and I bought an iPad for Xmas 13 I started playing. This was during the Xmas event at the time. Love from first tap
  • I started just before Halloween 2013. I was playing freemium and anonymously with no neighbors except Other Springfield. I gave up 5 precious donuts to complete the Choo Choo Choose Me quest rather than get neighbors, don't know why. I didn't get any until the Event whose Name we Will Not Mention (though I did love seeing my small town flooded with bunnies). I don't know how anyone understands how to play the events without finding this forum.

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  • I started midway through a Christmas event that I think had the hated wheel of fortune thing for prizes. My town was literally the Simpson house, Flanders house, brown house, KEM, Cletus's farm and then an elf home, big metal Christmas tree thing. Looking back I did surprisingly well out of that event (Mr Plow, Plow King and Snow Monster). I got far too addicted to playing early on though and when I realised I was wasting my day off by basically waiting for my notification every hour to say that tasks were complete I decided to ditch the game (some time around Easter that year).

    I came back to the game towards the end of the Monorail event while I was traveling in Australia and stopped playing at the start of Deep Space Homer when free WiFi wasn't a regular luxury. Finally I came back to the game again during some sort of Lard Lad mini event and have been here since! Must be very close to a year solid now and can't imagine me even giving it up again while there's still life in it.
  • I started during the Clash of the Clones and didn't know it was an event until it ended and game went back to non-event style LOL
  • Started during Stonecutters Event
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    I started a little before the whacking day event but wasn't hooked until the stonecutters event. My first real $$$ purchase was #149 (alien from stonecutters) and the rest is history. At one point i bought a boatload and came up with 3 different combos of what to buy with them. Good times.
  • smohqy
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    I downloaded TSTO in January 2014 for my daughter who was going into the hospital for surgery, along with a few other games. The wifi was spotty at best in the hospital, so she didn't get to play it. We didn't even really know what it was about. About a month later, I was poking around on my kindle and came across it. I started it up, and fell deep in the rabbit hole smack in the middle of the Valentines event. I had no idea about the mechanics, and didn't realize how many prizes I was missing out on. Within a few weeks, I got my wife and my daughter involved just in time for the dreaded E-word event. No neighbors other than ourselves and Other Springfield, we squeaked by, my wife and I each earning the coveted Faberge Egg near the end. I found the forums near the end, which helped, as well as our mayhem ID numbers giving her pink and me blue eggs (my daughter soon lost interest, but occasionally plays still).

    I'd made a couple posts on the forums, but didn't think my town was ready to open the Friend gates via the add-me thread. One day, I got a request out of the blue, and decided to bite the bullet. Most of the people who added MolzPink and I are still loyal Neighboreenos.

    So, thank you @Dat1279, and thank all the rest of you for making the last 3 1/2 years such fun and so informational here on the forums and in game.

    Peace, Love, and Light to you all.

    Even JoshSheerer.
  • adruralo
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    Nothing going on when I started in August 2012
    iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone XR (Red product)
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