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Discuss... EA the "Carnival cruise line" of game companies

Lmfao, yep I can see the similarities. This place is bogged down in * as well :lol:
Is there anyone out there?


  • Exvaxman
    24 posts
    edited February 2013
    The real problem is that they have no QA department, but are getting better.
    They bought out "plants vs. zombies" and the release was a freaking disaster.
    But it got fixed.
    Look at all of the hanging/glitches/cr*p we had with the second release of this game.
    A)they need to invest in qualified designers
    B)they need actual QA people
    C)decent programmers as well.

    They are getting better, I just wish that they didn't learn from doing.
    As a tech person who is in charge of both medical and critical production equipment, they also need severe oversight by a qualified management team that stresses testing and quality, rather than date management.
  • redwagonner
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    edited February 2013
    I don't understand the link between the two companies. One was just taking a continuous dump on its customers and promising a better experience while the other sells cruises and offers refunds.
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