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    pompommini wrote:

    bacon-wrapped ____________.
  • ThomasK323
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    Pork roll egg and cheese with some gravy fries.
  • josh4908
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    Steak burrito
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    BDIHP wrote:
    Clearly I missed something. Op, netangel, whoever you are, please take some advice. I have a terminal illness with maybe not too much time. (Check my sig file for truth). Whatever you are mad about, let it go. Life is too short for this pettiness. I mean that in all sincerity. Take a walk ( which I can't do now) and go look at birds and nature and a lovely sunset. Get your perspective back. This forum is about a game. It's fluff. Lint lining.

    I'm here because Smithers jobs don't seem to be recognized on my game. But the people here seem nice and it's so easy to ignore what you don't like. Don't waste a second on this.

    *hugs*. Ann


    I too just read your blog and checked out your Facebook page. I wish the others on this Forum would check it out.

    I hope you are having a good day today.

    Congratulations on winning the blog award. Your son must be so proud of you.
  • Piethein76
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