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Why do so few people care what their Springfield looks like?



  • Ironfit73
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    edited February 2013
    I take good care of mine. I am almost 100% sure that all my houses have gardens (even if some are small!!!)

    Currently I am working on what is in the actual gardens.. I wish the white fences did not cost a donut. Can not afford to use those which is a shame. Mainly hedges and brown fences for me :(

    Feel free to add me, but please only if you take care of yours.. Its nice for fresh idea's

    @ Nessa1975
  • rhapsodyblue
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    edited February 2013
    haemon007 wrote:
    I dont know about anyone else, but trying to make a beautiful Springfield on a IPhone 4 is a pain in the rear. I am waiting on the Android version to be updated with Origin so I can log in via my PC. I know I can make my city just how I like on my PC with a 22" monitor.

    You can play this game on the PC? :shock:
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