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Multiplier to switch from KEM to rat traps?



  • What is KEM?

    Kwik E Mart
  • This thread is starting to make me think that for me the time is NOW. I'm just finding the KEM grind taking so long, and my cash accumulation is running unchecked. My multiplier is in and around the high 1000's.
    I like routine!
  • I don't KEM farm, I just rat truck or bloodmobile. The benefits are if you have just a little time to play, you can still get donuts. My multiplier is 1111.40. I build roughly 50 rat trucks. I get around 100 donuts I believe. All this takes is 5-10 minutes. Seems the route to go imo. But I also don't spend donuts on old items usually. I have all past items, so rarely will I buy more. I buy all of the new stuff to make sure I have all items.
  • I decided to finally try some lightweight KEM farming. I turned the xp collider on for 3 days and bought a small patch of land that held 36 KEMs. I averaged 30 - 40 donuts per day. So I will probably continue alternating between 3 day KEM sessions when I feel like the 4 hour cycles, and 1 day rat trap/blood mobile sessions when I have a lot of cash to burn.
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