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Just got the Colider! What do I do now?

It’s free for 24 hours. Do I just play as usual, or should I be doing something more?


  • If you have the money then try to build/buy things to get a bunch of XP - I believe Bloodmobiles or Kwik-E-Marts are the best way to go...?
  • If you have already started it, then just do the most you can. If you haven't, then maybe wait and set all your characters to 24 hour tasks, then start the collider just before clearing them. After that, use shorter tasks if you can. This should help get the maximum of extra ep that you can.
  • 1SmallFoot
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    edited September 2017
    Collider helps high level players to translate in-game currency into XP. Game progress at low levels is limited by currency. I would just ignore it for now until you build all the regular buildings. Read about KEM farming strategy after you reach lvl 60.
  • Okay. Trying my hand at KEM’s.
  • Get to a doctor?
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