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No update in app store

People are talking about the Halloween update, but the file isn't in the App store either on my iPad or my iPhone. Could iOS 11 be the problem. The text and graphics on the App store page refer to the update (including the version number), but no option to update. I'm panicking.... Has this happened to anyone else?


  • The update arrived first on the Google Play Store (Android) and not long after, the update hit the App Store (iOS). So in theory, you should have the update as I've not long just updated it on my iPhone. Just keep refreshing the update screen on the App Store until it appears.
  • adruralo
    3292 posts Member
    The latest version is 4.29.1
    I’m running iOS 11 but updated fine.
    Have you tried uninstalling the game, then reinstalling to see if it downloads the latest update for you?
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  • Just got it...had to update the OS version.
  • JJHLH1
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    Just got it...had to update the OS version.

    Does that mean we need to update to iOS 11 to get the update?
  • Peppermallow
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    edited October 2017
    I already had iOS11, but i had to update it completely. If you have iOS11, you must have the latest version of iOS11 to see the Tapped Out update. If you have iOS10, you are probably fine - but since I dont have that, I dont know :)
  • I had to look for mine in the app shop - it didn't automatically inform me that there was an update waiting.
    But I'm not sure what version I'm running, I'm not that onto it - I assume the latest. If apple tells me to update, I generally do ;)
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