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KEM farming not working- fixed

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I collect enough XP for two bonus donuts boxes. After that, my XP bar got full and empty but no more boxes ! Even bought some blood mobiles... but nothing....

And I bought Wizard Martin, received the 25 rebate, but don't received the skin. Try another time, and again got the rebate and don't got the skin.

He is in the store...

Anyone else having this problems?
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  • nope try restarting your app
  • Restating fixed wizard martin. Lost 50 donuts. No big deal.

    But at the end of my XP there is a opened box. And for now, no more bonus donuts for me :(
  • I haven’t also been getting the extra donuts only the three but no extra when you purchase i think it’s a problem but will wait and see if it gets fixed
  • XP bar fixed when I compete 3 maggie game and a box of Bonus Donuts apear for me.

    Now back to farm work.
  • Similar issues on my wife's game last night, and today on both of my devices and games.

    Contacted EA, for third time. Keep getting sent links to there Help Section.
    My last note to them was rather pointed, as the saying goes.
    My main game has nearly 100 KEM's and a bit over 850% multiplier.

    If others are having problems please submit them to EA so it eventually gets to actual tech personnel to be fixed.
  • Update

    Just flipped my KEM farm in main game, all went normal. Coule hour wait on others, and wife not home from work yet so not sure about her game.

    I do thing when it acted up, that the blue box at the end of the XP meter looked weird or was an X rather a box. Now it is a normal looking box, and all runs normal.
    No clue, Twighlight Zone stuff?
  • i am having the same issue....the xp bar fills up and then restarts with NO DONUT BOX. there is also a blue x at the end of my collider (looks like a blue band aid)......anyone else? How do we get this fixed?
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    I have had something similar to this happen to me multiple times. This has happened to me way before this event though. Usually all I have to do is if I see that this has happened is just go to the neighbor screen and then go back to my Springfield. Then it will give me the box I did not get and then correct the issue. But I have noticed that it will only work for one box that you missed, so pay attention and make sure you do this after you miss the first one, because others will not be awarded.
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