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Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Event Dates

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Magic Academy Castle Walls: Magic Academy Castle Wall (x4)

Stack of 60 Donuts + Skin Bundle: 60 Donuts and Squeaky Voice Peasant

Stack of 60 Donuts + Character Bundle: 60 Donuts, Squeaky Voice Teen and Squeaky Voice Peasant

Evil Shopkeeper & Talking Krusty Doll: Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper Bundle: House of Evil, Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper & House of Evil: House of Evil and Evil Shopkeeper

The Great Raymondo Bundle: The Great Raymondo's House w/The Great Raymondo and Famous Milk Cans

Sorcerer Frink Bundle: Frink's Lab w/Professor Frink and Sorcerer Frink

Burns Dragon Promo: Burns Dragon's Pile of Treasure w/Burns Dragon
Relesae Burns Dragon Prizes: Elephant Statue, Treasure Chest and Burns Dragon Statue

Hanging Streetlamps: Hanging Streetlamp (x4)

Iron Walls: Iron Wall (x4)

Gargoyle Walls: Gargoyle Wall (x4)

Spooky Brambles: Spooky Bramble (x4)

Halloween Party Walls x 10: Halloween Party Wall (x10)

Pet Cemetery + Zombies: Pet Cemetery, Clawing Zombie and Snarling Zombie

Shinning Hotel Bundle: Shinning Hotel and The Shinning Maze

Magical Mystery Box: Zombie Sandwich, Battle Dome, Bob's Victorian House, Mutant Rabbit, King Homer's Skyscraper, Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop w/Maude, Maude, Mad Doctor's Castle, Hellementary School, Tenta Corp HQ, Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster, House on Scary Hill, Drive-In Theater w/Space Mutant, Gate to Nowhere

Halloween Mystery Box: Spider Willie, Nightmare Pile, Radioactive Milhouse, Sepulcher of Evil, Squirrel Luann, Acorn Kirk, Cauldron w/Marge the Witch, Donut Torture Device, The Grand Pumpkin, Devil Flanders, Meteor Egg w/Space Marshmallow
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