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Why this is a good event



  • It's no Christmas 2016, but still kinda scary
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • cdepast
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    I like it. but I'm also easy to please with events.
  • 168sean168 wrote: »
    The characters are not creepy at all. So I am feeling comfortable whenever I enter the game

    I've never been scared of a drawing. I can't imagine someone that would be.
  • I like the graphics on the wand and booger drops.
  • The sky finger is looking more phallic then ever
  • Reason #4 (for me, anyway):
    Two of the characters on the prize track I thought were skins and the one I thought was an NPC are all full characters. Sweet.
  • Different way of earning currency
  • Oops, i just posted in the complaint thread. Didnt know this one was here.
    I love it. Im just glad this game keeps on keepin on!!
    Got a bunch of stuff from THOHpast events that i missed and just overall love it. Keep up the great work EA!!
  • Only complaint is we havent had a decent glitch to exploit in a while!!lol
  • Reason #5
    Tentacle. Tree. Rebate. B)
  • 4kidsandacatdog
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    edited October 2017
    I'll join in and say a few positive things.
    1. I've been complaining about weak stories for major events all year and this one has finally started with something more coherent and comprehensive. I'm happy about that.
    2. There is some good stuff coming up on the prize track in this event. They haven't saved all the best stuff for donuts this time. It's more balanced.
    3. This event doesn't monopolize as many characters as other events have.

    These are some of the best aspects. Love the magic school idea, with a really fun story line. LOVE the ogre fights. The collection tower for the pests (so much better than lawyer hunting). This is probably the first event in a long time on which I have spent donuts on premium characters in the first two days! And I didn't even care that Angelica Button was 150 donuts!
    I can almost overlook the fact that there will be no Patry and Selma witch skins in this event - and for me that's saying a lot!
  • Reason #6
    For those really interested in this year's theme (more so than me) and have donuts to burn, there are a lot of well-designed buildings that will become available which will make it possible to build a really detailed Angelica Button/magic area of Springfield. Combined with the stuff on the prize track, a player could make a really great looking area out of all this stuff.
  • Evil shopkeeper. Anything else is bonus
    Senior Moderator (for 25 minutes on Sept 23 2016)
  • Reason # 7 - This is the first major event in some time where I can put Lisa back up on The Eliminator for a good stretch of time without hindering my event progress.
  • I am enjoying the event even though I am not a real big HP fan. But my girlfriend is and she's really happy. She's kind of a slacker when it comes to this game, and she is really playing this event.
  • I am loving this event so far even though this is my 2nd big event with homerpalooza being my 1st
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