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Which THOH event was your favorite?


  • 2013- Ghosts
    It was a toss-up between ghosts and grem-aliens.
  • cdepast
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    edited October 2017
    was gremaliens the one where we shot down spaceships? that was a donut bonanza.

    I also loved ghosts. that yr had great prizes.
  • johncolombo
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    2013- Ghosts
    the grem aliens did make nice sound
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  • 2014-Grem-Aliens
    Grem-Aliens. I missed the ones before and the ones since haven't really been what I want from Halloween.
  • I've only been playing since 2015 and although I originally had misgivings about the content offered during Formless Terrors, I've actually become quite fond of the story they did. Kids telling monster stories that come to life was quite unique and loved they offered those nightmare NPCs at the end of the event. The moonwalking Zombie that does the thriller dance when tapped on is very fun and the skeleton that tosses its head is currently my favorite Halloween character released. Biggest shame and what kept the event from an A+ Knock out was how horrible the character prizes were.
    Classic Monsters had the best prizes but the story was rather weak. The monsters the adults fought seemed kind of lame when compared to the ones from the year before. On the other hand it was great to unlock all The gothic buildings and decorations to make the town spooky. Character prizes were all different but in theme with halloween. Death(Altough would of liked his classic design from earlier seasons) was the best character to have roaming around.
    Finally we have this event that so far doesn't seem like it is Halloween themed but I'll give it a chance till everything is over but so far I'm not happy.
  • moxxee
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    The gremlins were fun! Plus I enjoyed the sound they made.
  • 2013- Ghosts
    moxxee wrote: »
    The gremlins were fun! Plus I enjoyed the sound they made.

    I still hear that sound sometimes when I enter a friends town. The white rabbit makes that sound, too.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • jmlgg
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    2014 cause i started playing TSTO during that event
  • 2012- Zombies
    Why is there a taco option? I don’t understand
  • Taco
    Why is there a taco option? I don’t understand

    For you see the day that wholesome THoH event hit you, some suggested that it was Taco....as for me.
  • Taco
    The only one I've been is taco
  • 2014-Grem-Aliens
    2014 was my first THOH, my first full event, and when I first came here to find out how to play this bleep game.
  • Castiel19x
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    edited October 2017
    2012- Zombies
    The first 3 were my favourite but zombies were the best and then it just went down hill after that.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase

  • jippy6048 wrote: »
    You never forget your first...event, that is.

  • Good one jippy!
  • 2013- Ghosts
    ghosts... it was fun sometimes just to watch the characters get possessed and float around town
  • 2012- Zombies
    The first one for me, TP trees and Egging houses, kids trick and treating, squishing zombies and the noises that they made! Ghosts is a close second, getting the vacuum to suck them up! The first few years events were really the best ones IMO...
  • 2013- Ghosts
    2013, sigh: miss the fog!
    “Well, I’m so moved I renounce science"
  • 2012- Zombies
    Zombies. It's not close, at all. Kids were trick or treating, zombies eating people. Good quests and a fun grind.
  • 2013- Ghosts
    Man, the ghost's vacuum was really fun.
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