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Anyone have issues with lagging/crashing?

Or am I the only one? Roughly the last 4 days it’s been fighting tooth and nail to do the board visits etc, the load page will sync with what seems like forever then just crash. At first I thought it was my weefee acting up but then I realized I could access any other app without issues so it’s def a Tapped Out issue. I’m playing on a iPhone 7 and iPad Air 2 if that is relevant.


  • Yes. I have the newest iPad Pro and got all neurotic thinking something was wrong with it. The lag is unbearable at times and I can barely move the screen to be able to collect or put charchaters on tasks. Can’t say I’ve had any crashing though and I have given up visiting friends .
  • Yes, me too, also with a new ipad. When it happens, I quit the game and go back in. That fixes it, but it's still annoying.
  • Yes. Bigly.
  • Not on my Android One Plus 5.
  • Playing on iPad Pro; no problems.
  • Playing on iPad Pro; no problems.
    Same here.

    iPad Air M1 2022: iPhone 13 Blue.
  • Usually happens during events. If you have the Monorail, disconnect all your stations, and turn off all animated buildings, and stuff, especially from the Spy event. Also helps to clear your Noogies (Crap) and sometimes I go out, turn off my iPad, back on and back to the game. Sometimes it's helps.
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