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Need to email EA!!!

I don't have the email address but they won't. Don't waste your time mate.


  • knight111
    98 posts
    edited February 2013
    This happened to me in many occasions but I was lucky to be able to cancel just on time and save the donuts

  • NeoSEC28
    39609 posts
    edited February 2013
    You can try and message the EA people at the bottom of the general dicussion page, it has the admin / mod people there, not saying you will get a response tho, cos lots of people have tried and failed :(
    Volunteer EA Senior Moderator
  • dom2973
    57 posts
    edited February 2013
    EA does not have an email or customer service of any kind and they do not monitor these boards. I have been locked out for over 3 weeks with the Harp Of Death, and I have tried everything
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