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Act Prizes cost changed

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so apparently EA saw people getting prizes too fast and raised the numbers a bit. weird noone noticed yet. i just checked and they were raised a bit for both act 2 and 3

Crawl's Bar w/Crawl was changed from 800 Fairy Dusts to 900.
Free Land Token was changed from 2.500 Fairy Dusts to 2.800 and from 3.400 Toad Princes to 3.900.
Suffoclock of Sandy Doom was changed from 5.100 Fairy Dusts to 5.600.
Giant Crystal Ball was changed from 8.500 Fairy Dusts to 9.400.
500 Goblin Gold was changed from 11.900 Fairy Dusts to 13.200 and from 16.000 Toad Princes to 18.200.
Ye Olde Magick Shoppe was changed from 15.300 to 17.000.
Greystash was changed from 20.500 Fairy Dusts to 22.700.
Barfy's Bar w/Barfy was changed from 1.100 Toad Princes to 1.300.
Skinner Box Kite was changed from 6.800 Toad Princes to 7.800.
Slithers was changed from 11.400 Toad Princes to 13.000.
Lord Montymort's Lair was changed from 20.600 Toad Princes to 23.400.
Count Dracula was changed from 27.500 Toad Princes to 31.200.
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