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What's in your wallet?

See wallet.
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  • Money and bank card
  • Some money and important papers. And also there is a credit card.
  • Money, cards, baloney sandwich.
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  • daved7637397
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    Cobwebs,dust, maybe a few starving moths.

    License, bus/subway pass, work id, union membership card, insurance cards, library card, debit&credit cards, $2
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  • moxxee
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    How big is your wallet?
  • moxxee wrote: »
    How big is your wallet?
    It's threefold big. Or is it simply three fold big?

    I have money, credit cards, health cards, DL, other DL, pictures, inspirational quotes, library card, and some receipts.
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  • What's in your pants? :D
  • What's in your pants? :D
    It's threefold big. Or is it simply three fold big?

    Whoops, wrong quote. :p
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  • after a shopping trip with the other half my wallet is now empty :cry:
  • A plethora of loyalty cards, a smaller number of credit cards, DL, a card explaining my dairy allergy, a few scraps of paper and no cash.
  • meinaz
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    Debit cards, credit cards, way too many store discount cards, insurance cards, and a few gift cards.
  • Bank card, credit card, insurance card, a rediculously old photo ID, a $2 bill.
  • £52.36, debit card, nectar card, tesco clubcard, driving license, tattoo gift voucher value £30, handmade burger company loyalty card, organ donor card, 1 hair bobby pin, 1 safety pin, 1 small elastic band, 1 voucher for a free massage, a photo of a pineapple and a strip of contraceptive pills.
  • johncolombo
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    Drivers license,debt card,credit card, target card, health insurance card, gift certificate card to a restaurant, gym membership card, bus/subway pass, grocery loyalty card, some receipts and two tens. Pretty sure I forgot a few things.
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  • Well, here goes:
    • Room Key
    • Drivers License
    • RAC Card
    • Gym membership
    • Rail Card
    • First University card
    • Second (different) University card
    • Bus card
    • Debit card
    • Photo
    • Gym membership
    • Leisure Gym membership
    • Nectar Card
    • Texaco Card
    • Waterstones Card
    • Tesco Card
    • Boots Card
    • National Insurance ID
    • Business Card
    • Notes £20
    • Cash ~£4
    • Receipts

    Thats about it.
  • I did post a YouTube vid of Snake as wallet inspector but has to wait for approval.
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