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thanksgiving sound glitch

with the thanksgiving update rolling out a few minutes ago the sound is stuck on the “task complete” fx and keeps looping endlessly! i’ve tried closing and restarting the game but to no avail!
duh dum; duh dum; duh dum; duh dum; etc...
anyone else have this issue and can someone please help me get rid of it!!!???!!!!


  • I deleted the game and re-downloaded it and that didn’t help, either.
  • Not experiencing this in my game.
  • RobbieGlover2K
    51 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    Same here, I just came on to see if anyone else had mentioned this and found this post. I think we'll just have to wait for EA to fix it.
  • wow how insightful to hear from someone who DOESN’T have the problem @KrustyBrand ! i guess people have to always give their two cents even if it doesn’t involve them in any way! #metoo
  • “ can anyone here tell me what time it is?”
    first answer to be posted:
    “i can’t!”
  • wow how insightful to hear from someone who DOESN’T have the problem @KrustyBrand ! i guess people have to always give their two cents even if it doesn’t involve them in any way! #metoo

    I thought it might be somewhat useful to highlight the fact that the problem is not a universal one. When all users are experiencing a given bug, solutions from EA are usually quicker to appear. If my post somehow offended your finely-honed sense of what constitutes appropriate behavior on the forum, I suggest you take it up with one of the mods.

  • Same issue. Game is unplayable since everything is slow-motion with the annoying task complete sound playing every few seconds.

    Opening menus seems to stop the problem temporarily, but as soon as I close the menu the issue continues.

    Hope EA can fix this.
  • OMG EA. Make it stop. It's went on all day yesterday and it is still there.
  • same problem here its soo annoying pls EA do something :'(
  • I have it as well. Fortunately it doesn't seem to slow the game down...yet.
  • I actually got a call back from EA about the same issue. They had me uninstall then reinstall the game - no fix unfortunately. They are aware there is a bug to fix. What I first noticed was the game running real slow in my town but oddly working normally in all my friends towns ! Also after I found Maggie while playing the game, the sound bite that acknowledged finding her went into a continuous loop. The sound in my town would only stop if a dialog box was open, inventory moved or stored or using purchasing new item icon. My first thought was to store the Playdough Factory since the sound loop occurred with finding Maggie , then putting it back in my town - no fix ! EA has been alerted and know it is a game bug and never was an issue with my iPad. More players commenting with the issue will expedite the bug fix I was told.
  • I have it too, it's driving me crazy.
    Please fix it.
  • @KrustyBrand i was just giving you lip lol i was just being a jerk for no reason
  • i’ve been experiencing the same slowdown... i’ve played the game since day one and this has really been grinding on my nerves lol @KrustyBrand again sorry for being a 🎃🎃🎃🎃!
  • @KrustyBrand i was just giving you lip lol i was just being a jerk for no reason

    Don’t give it a second thought. I understand how frustrating these kinds of bugs can be. We’ve all been there. This one seems to have afflicted a fair number of users which may be a good thing in terms of how quickly it gets fixed.

  • Glad I'm not the only on having this issue. I just turned down the volume for now. Hopefully they'll find a fix soon
  • billrx248
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    edited November 2017
    The sound glitch is so annoying that I stopped playing my game, or if I do so I turn the sound off which takes a lot of the fun away in playing it. What is really ticking me off is my report about the issue (as of Nov 24) on EA's site states the case has been resolved ! - Not so !!!
  • @billrx248 where did you report the issue?
  • billrx248
    124 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    @ostentatior, Let me get back to you. I'll have to see if I can repeat the steps - it wasn't easy ! Surprisingly enough the options were having them call you back when you provided them your phone number. The other choice was e-mail which I believe was 72 hours after reporting. I selected the phone option and I got a call within 15 minutes. The person I spoke to said it was slow at EA the day after Thanksgiving. (They give you an estimated time to call you). The person I spoke to had me uninstall and reinstall the game - no fix. I said it's definitely NOT my iPad because while talking to her I saw others on our forum having the same issue. As such, she had to send the issue to upper tech support to work on fixing the bug.
  • Hope this works:
    you'll have to have EA account

    1. https://help.ea.com/en/
    2. select Help with a Game
    3. Type in TSTO is the search field, then click on TSTO game icon
    4. select a topic - "Report a bug", and select a platform (iPad, iPhone etc.)
    5. near bottom of page you'll see Contact US
    6. Under "Select issue*" click Report Bug MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THERE - IT's TO THE RIGHT OF GIVE
    FEEDBACK if using a computer screen
    7. You'll see a blue box that says Select contact option. At this point it will ask you to sign in to EA
    8. fill in the form - after this you should get the phone option (if hopefully still available !) or e-mail option
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