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  • nissa762 wrote: »
    Speaking of what's lacking... We seriously need suspenders for everything. Pants, skirts, shorts, capris, anything with a waist needs suspenders. Time they come back too ;)


    Doctor who has honored your request

    If you're gonna wear suspenders, we may as well break out the top hats too!

    These guys are on it:

    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • simp7fan wrote: »
    So, how does Dr. Who work? They're different people...and now different genders. What does it all mean?

    First time different gender for the doctor on screen but other time lords as of late have switched gender. That worked. Hoping it works with the doctor.

    It'll work!!
  • simp7fan wrote: »
    So, how does Dr. Who work? They're different people...and now different genders. What does it all mean?
    The Doctor is a Time Lord (which is a subset of being Galifreyan). When badly damaged or extremely old Time Lords can Regenerate. If it's voluntary (i.e. "This one's getting too old, I think it's time to regenerate") they can control the regeneration. The Doctor's regenerations tend to be random because of extreme injuries (falling from great heights, being shot, poisoned, etc).
    How this came about:
    The Doctor was originally played by William Hartnell, who was quite old and in poor health at the time. The show was massively popular so they didn't want to end it so they had to come up with some way to replace him (plus he had become the epitome of "Crotchety Old Man", having become impossible to work with, forgetting his lines, missing his marks, being out sick, etc). One of the ideas they came up with was "Renewal" (later changed to Regeneration) which is what they went with.
  • Try walking into a shop in the UK and asking for suspenders, you'll be surprised at what you're shown :)

    Suspenders remind me of my grandpa. I don't know if sizes in the UK are all in even sizes, but I got a 35 inch waste (88.9 cm for all you metric people). 34 cut off the blood supply and 36 are hanging pass my ****. Wondering what the states have? I'm tired of wearing a belt.

    Another reason to bring back suspenders: women look hot in them.
  • Most American suspenders are crap. Purely ornamental. They're made out of a super stretchy material so if you have anything in your pockets (change, keys, heavy wallet) your pants just sag. I had a back problem a few years ago and wearing a belt made my back start aching after just a couple of hours. I had a devil of a time finding any suspenders that would actually hold up my pants. I was so glad when my back got better and I could wear a belt again.
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