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4 hour tasks

I noticed that there is no 4 hour tasks for the characters this event that would give us items needed to attain our goal on the prize track...am i missing something or did I forget to do something...also when I tap the Riggilean icon (if that is what it is) there is only 3 tabs not 4...one for the prize track...one for crafting...one for blasting the funzos at Homer's house but no fourth tab...did I miss something..
Thanks for your help


  • ArmpitAttack
    2353 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    It is a fascinating question.

    Either they streamlined things this time so no 4th menu tab is required , or there's another aspect of the fun that has yet to drop, closer to the gift giving season perhaps (next act?)
  • Very interesting...insightful indeed...but in the meantime I am finding it more difficult than usual to build up batteries for the prize track...HAPPY TAPPING...:)
  • There has got to be character tasks related to the event in the 2nd act! I mean, there just HAS to be!! :#
  • Word on the street is Bart and Lisa will be able to earn some in the next Act... provided they're wearing their elf costumes that is ;)
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