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Expensive Buildings - are they worth it?

I love the Escalator to Nowhere... It completely makes my Springfield, I just wish there was screaming as they fall over the edge. If you have a lot of the decorations that give you multipliers, I.e., the premium ones like the Police Car, then it is pretty easy to make enough money for them... I don't even need to aggressively harvest my buildings to get over $100k per day.


  • Tempest_Zealot
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    edited March 2013
    The buildings don't do anything other than being nice to look at. I was really hoping that the magnifying glass would set the popsicle stick skyscraper on fire but... disappointment.
  • adruralo
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    edited March 2013
    To be honest they are not worth millions. It probably depends on whether you want everything in your Springfield or not.
    This will reflect your decision to buy or not.

    I generate about $80,000 a day apart from collecting money from friends Springfields. I have a few premium items so bonus is quite good.
    As I have all land bought and up to date with buidlings this approx. $85,000 a day soons builds up. It takes about 10-12 days to build up a million.
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  • tbuddy442
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    edited March 2013
    Their space usage to vanity value is low, so it is a question of whether you like them and can afford them.

    I get $600,000 or so a day off my mighty house farm and was just in the process to redecorate when the glass came out. I just paid off the last of my buildings and had 1.7 mill for a rainy day. After a harp glitch I'm almost to where I can buy the glass and figure another few days of farming and then out the houses away and put up my 50 krusty burgers, 20 gulp and blows and kwik-e-marts.

    I think for their cost and being one shot items they should give 2% or something more than their paltry vanity value though.
  • ThorButtockth
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    edited March 2013
    Worth it? Probably not. They don't really provide you with anything, so they're basically just decoration... Really really really big and expensive decorations. If you have the money and maybe an idea of what to do with them, then by all means buy one or all and incorporate em into your town.

    I think the only reason for them, and the reason they're so expensive, is that EA wanted to give something to the people who've played TSTO long enough that they have a lot of money saved up and are just waiting until another update with new buildings to spend some of it on.

    As for the in-game cash, it's mostly about time spent playing the game and maybe the amount of Donuts you've bought or acquired through events and spent on premium items that give you a bonus % (like the Springfield sign, cars, etc.). Once you're at a point where you have all the buildings and a nice amount of houses, it doesn't take THAT long to have a good amount of money. There were also plenty of people who used the friends trick for a while until it was removed (I think I did it twice then got lazy) as that was able to get you quite a bit of money.
  • VxMarmitex9
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    edited March 2013
    They're not worth it if you've got other things to buy (land, buildings) if you've got nothing else to buy you may as well just get it for the hell of it!
  • TRTX84
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    edited March 2013
    I love the Escalator to Nowhere... It completely makes my Springfield, I just wish there was screaming as they fall over the edge.
    I'm kinda glad it doesn't. That would get annoying after a while. I'd love it as a feature when you tap it though.

    That said, I love those things. Yeah they're status symbols and they're an absurd price...but THAT'S THE JOKE. Those were all terrible projects that the city of Springfield wasted money on (along with the monorail). So likewise, you've got the ability to spend an insane amount of money and essentially get nothing in return.
  • jaykreizer
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    edited March 2013
    I don't buy anything unless it generates revenue or can be used for tasks.

    Since the escalator, skyscraper and magnifying glass don't do anything but take up space I didn't buy them.
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