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Simpsons arcade event. (IT’S All A DREAM)

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edited January 2018
Wanted this event 4 a while.
It would just be a dream during the event.

Mr. Burns fight at end. [7:20]Best version I could find.

Prizes include characters from game as well as maybe arcade cabinet of the game which could be playable maybe. For the popular boss fights like Smithers & mr.burns.


Maybe characters from game look high he grade digitized so they look kinda oldskool pixelized but still detailed.

Why not it’s more unused content.

Maybe even a giveaway prize for the actual 4 player us version as well as a manual how to set to max hardness as it might be harder on arcade to set then pc. But love hard mode.

More ideas welcomed.

Also can’t for life of me find individual gifs or jpegs of the enemy’s from game without screen shooting and editing.


  • simp7fan
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    I liked that game. Maybe 8-bit battles like in the futurama game.... :D;)
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