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characters or multipler

Just looking for some options I currently have a multipler of just over 800 (thanks to the snowcats) so pulling in about 30 to 50 donuts a day. Do I continue to try to up my multipler or is it time to start buying up the characters? I still have about 8 standard ones to buy and I don't currently buy the limited time ones unless thay cost less than 100 donuts but is it time to rethink this ?


  • I always bought characters (I’m a completionist for characters) and others on this forum have said that a multiplier of 800 was a sweet spot for them. On the other hand many go for the achievement of a multiplier of 1000. So it’s your choice :)
  • How any characters do you currently have?
    I'm thinking were pretty similar as far as game play ( I'm a little ahead in % (1100) but was around 800% before Xmas event)

    My approach:
    When the bonus items are good deals (1% per 10 doughnuts spent), buy them up (ala Snowmass, Vault JetBikes, etc)
    Otherwise buy limited time characters when they are offered to keep increasing my hourly income so I can afford more KEMs while farming.
    I still have about a dozen regular characters I haven't gotten around go buying....
  • Chris60119
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    Ive been doing as much as I can of both. I'll buy characters when they are there, but always trying to get multiplier deals. I usually jump on event multiplier stuff too, like the stonecutter tunnels.

    I'm at 608 multiplier. Not including SH. I don't know where that puts me.
  • I always prefer buying characters, the multiplier will grow, but you don't know when characters will return! Unless, it's really good deal for the multiplier.... and I don't personally like to many repeat items, especially with no where to put or hide them.
  • OhHappyJays
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    Usually, you should buy the limited-time characters unless you don't really want them. Case in point, we have no idea when we'd see Rose Quimby, Lloyd or the soon-to-be-released Brendan Beiderbecke again. I would consider getting them, again; unless you don't want them for whatever reason.

    The really good multiplier options are usually tied to the Vault (ie JEBs, or BBQ Pigs if that's your sort of thing)
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  • I always go for multipliers when I am in the building phase. And only multipliers that gives at least 2 percent with 40 donuts. Only after I dug myself out of donuts penury, would I start getting characters and buildings that cost donuts.
  • Different people play the game in their own way, some concentrate on the multiplier items first then once they reach a certain point in the game make donuts to purchase premium items other prefer to purchase limited time characters and let the multiplier build over time both ways are fine along with various other methods such as premium, no premium at all none are wrong it's a personal thing I've been playing some time and I can't miss out on a limited time character, in fact I never could lol, and it's cost me a fair bit over time.
  • There really is no 'wrong' way to play this game. The main importance is you should enjoy yourself while you play.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
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