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To everyone considering buying the premium Saint Patty's well...


  • MattoMcfly
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    bendermac - Preaching? So the suggestion of donating to charity as AN EXAMPLE of where that money could be better spent is preachy? Not my intention, but I can tell by your message you'd rather just assume the worst and hash out some **** response.

  • jennylynj21
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    Blah blah black sheep
  • jonas_alexan
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    MattoMcfly wrote:
    bendermac - Preaching? So the suggestion of donating to charity as AN EXAMPLE of where that money could be better spent is preachy? Not my intention, but I can tell by your message you'd rather just assume the worst and hash out some **** response.

    No, in fact I welcome that suggestion. I myself donate to charity.

    However trying to tell people how to spend their money that they go out and work for . . . Yeah, that'll not go down too well.

    Now I think it's time this thread went the same way as Old Yeller.
  • MattoMcfly
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    jonas_alexan - I get that. So tell me that in a reasonable way (which you are, thanks). Half of the people here are acting as if I'm passing moral judgement or bringing down some godly decree, and instantly going into attack mode based on the assumption I'm ordering them to part with their money in a way they don't agree with. I'm not. I was just offering my perspective on EA's pricing model and using other purchases as comparisons. I brought up the charity angle as one possible idea and it was taken along the lines of "kill a puppy and set it on fire".

    I honestly do not care if people spend their money on charity, donkey shows, or energy drinks. On some level i wish I never even brought up the charity angle, but on another it feels ridiculous being shamed for suggesting that we all just THINK about spending that money for a good cause in cases like this where--in my opinion (this is KEY)--the product is overpriced and 90% useless. I wish these conversations could happen in real person...I think a whole lot of assumptions and meanings could be cleared off at the bat.
  • imfkool
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    This is just one persons opinion. Lets not take this too seriously guys.
  • doctoru2
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    I bought the well. It was an expensive amount of donuts. So were some other items. But it gave a 4% bonus - unlike most other premium items. I believe only the Springfield sign is higher. When I saw that, I felt the donut price was justified.

    I saw the leprechaun but did not realize he did anything. When he started giving out $$ and XP every 7 seconds (provided he's tapped) and that he runs around and makes odd little grunts, that made the purchase even better. Santa's Little Helper is a lot of donuts (if you didn't get him with the Christmas coins) and while I love having him in the town, he doesn't give XP or $$ or even provide a bonus (as far as I know).

    In other words, in terms of the game, the well's cost is justified.

    If not, then is ANY premium item justified? Is that Springfield sign justified? How about the Volcano Lair? What about the various vehicles, plants or characters?

    If your answer is that NO premium item is justifiable and you have never spent a cent on this game, then yes, buying the well is unrealistic. But if you bought other premium items, then I fail to see the difference with this one.

    As for donating to charity, I find that people can do quite a bit with their money. They can treat themselves to items while simultaneously buying the necessities and donating to charity or church. Amazing, no? But it's that "treat" part that makes life enjoyable. If spending $6-10 extra on this game makes it more enjoyable, then the cost is definitely worthwhile. Because without that relief and enjoyment, many other aspects of life aren't even achievable. If you derive enjoyment out of giving all of your extra money to charity, then I applaud you. But not everyone feels this way.
  • MattoMcfly
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    doctoru2 - first of all, love the avatar. Just getting into Doctor Who myself (as in, on 7th season now). Second, please read my previous statements. I've gone blue in the face putting my charity comment in context.
  • HillyBillyOli
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    Give money to charity instead of buying donuts

  • sherryt07
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    Give money to charity instead of buying donuts

  • beeblebrox900
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    For some stupid reason I feel compelled to make some observations.

    Firstly I would like to state that I am not trying to attack or indeed even alter peoples opinions. What you do with your money is your own lookout, it is of no concern to me (but we will revisit this point if you stick with me). I am not intending to change your opinions, I am simply commenting on the situation as I see it.

    Secondly, I have drunk a bottle of wine, so I may not be at my best ;)

    I have been buying computer games for longer than EA have existed and have over the years I have spent far more than I can comfortably imagine on computers and their games. In more recent years I have tended to move away from gaming (as you have guessed I am way past target audience!). Before installing this game I hadn't really played games of this type and indeed didn't really know what I was installing, I was just bored and it was on the homepage on the google play store, I like The Simpsons so in a moment of boredom, I installed it.

    The wine may actually serve as a reasonable example (probably better than the charity example chosen by the originator of the thread ;)) I like wine (I like lots of other drinks, but lets use the wine) I will continue to drink wine no matter what anyone says to me, including doctors. But there are limits to this. Firstly I will never become a wine collector and pay what I consider to be stupid prices for a bottle, I have a price range and I stick within it, I do not collect wine, I buy it to drink it so my price range has a lower and an upper limit. The same can be said for computer games, I have a limit. That limit may differ from yours, it may be similar.. It is of no concern to me. I am also not addicted to wine, if I choose to I can stop drinking, I have done this on several occasions for quite long periods for no real reason other than on a whim I decided to give it up for an arbitrary period.

    Addicted, there is a good word when it comes to gaming. Often in gaming it is used rather casually and as a marker as to how good a game is, but it probably shouldn't be used like this. Addiction is not a positive state. What worries me is that I feel I might be starting to show signs of addiction towards this game, I wake up and check my tablet to see how the game is going, I get home from work and log in to see how the game is going, Homer burps at me and I check how the game is going. I guess I am not addicted because I am able to leave my tablet at home though!!

    Back to the subject in hand though. I do tend to feel that the pricing structure of this game is troubling. I dont like the way premium items are shoved in your face and I feel that if I start buying them I will spend too much on them. Personally I feel $10 or indeed if you feel the need to argue $6.50 is too much for a sodding graphic in a game. I feel a more honest pricing structure would be to either charge for the game upfront at the going rate. Or if EA dont have the confidence that they can make money from this, then make the basic game free but then charge for expansion packs which give you unlimited access to certain premium items included within that pack. In that way they could then market several expansion packs and you can take them or leave them rather than paying amounts for individual items that can quickly get out of hand.

    More worrying are the golden scratchers. I read a post (I think it was on this forum but might not have been) along the lines of "I have had such bad luck with the golden scratchers, thank god I don't gamble" well news for the poster, he is gambling. What worries me is I installed this game and nobody has made what I see as a reasonable check of my age (or indeed any check) but I am being aggressively encouraged to gamble. It is shoved in my face, the golden scratcher is the first item on the list when you click the kwik-e-mart and it tells me what I would have won every time I use a normal scratcher. We even had Gill on his hands and knees begging us to buy premium items. I find this extremely irresponsible behaviour. If a corner shop was selling scratch cards (or wine) to under age patrons they would be in trouble, how is it that EA seemingly are immune to the same standards?

    If you are still reading this I will finish by saying I find it amusing that any regular poster here on this forum continues to purchase premium items given the seemingly unending threads about problems with missing donuts or accessing the game at all. I find myself having no sympathy for the poster if he gets locked out or loses the donuts. You were warned. By continuing to purchase these items you are supporting the pricing structure of this game and disincentivising EA to improve the game and its bugginess. If they are making a packet off the back of a shoddy product why would they improve it. After all they are not in business to make a decent product they are in business to make a profit.

    If you are still here take this as you want, either ignore it or think about it. Makes no real odds to me.

    On Edit:

    I also wanted to talk about price fixing and the fact that you dont have a choice on the price or an alternative supplier but I have already gone on FAR too long!

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  • Mjr1124
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    Wasn't even gonna respond , but the cancer conspiricy comment was too much. Guess what numb nuts, there are cures for cancer. There is not one magic bullet cure, and there probably never will be, but plenty of people have been cured, hell they even cured a child with aids recently. Yes, some pharma companies would much rather keep people paying for treatments and don't focus on finding a cure. There are literally hundreds of researchers in nonprofits and even other countries that would love to be the ones to find the one shot "cure", the noteriety and yes even financial gains would be worth it to them, if only to further research into other medical conditions. To imply they are all intentionally holding back is just ludicrous.

    Anyway, this kind of argument is sure to fall on deaf ears, I anxiously await the tinfoil hat response, which I'm sure will be something like "Everyone knows the cure for cancer is on the moon, and if we has actually landed there we would have it by now."
  • heshmonstre
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    @ beeblebrox900: I think a lot of what you said has been the point OP has been trying to make but due to an unfortunate first impression the thread has taken a different route. The post itself is interesting and could probably support a thread of its own. 
    Thats my final thought on the issue. 
  • lissarv68
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    Mjr1124 wrote:
    Anyway, this kind of argument is sure to fall on deaf ears, I anxiously await the tinfoil hat response, which I'm sure will be something like "Everyone knows the cure for cancer is on the moon, and if we has actually landed there we would have it by now."


    That reminds me!

    Anybody remember reading about that conspiracy theory from a few years ago? The one that said something like we never really landed on the moon and that it was all created on a movie set? The so-called evidence was that the flag would never wave in zero-gravity like it did on the moon.

    *dons tin foil pointy hat and takes my seat on the grassy knoll*

    http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2001/ast23feb_2/ <---article from NASA about it, if anybody is bored and wants to find out more. I find the inner workings of conspiracy theorists fascinating....lol...bunch of paranoid whackos.

    Ok. Ya'll can go back to arguing about people spending their own money and cancer. I just had to interject with that little bit of trivia.
  • Dixins_Cider
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    Very true. What I don't understand (or if I am wrong, I just haven't seen them) is why do game apps from iTunes not carry age restriction / classifications like any other games sold for xbox/PS3/PC etc? Or are they all just considered suitable for any age to be able to be distributed through iTunes?

    The Scratch-R and Golden Scratch-R while amusing and good fun are clearly not suitable for minors to be exposed to. It is gambling plain and simple.

    The Goldens really are marketing genius, give just enough away for a seemingly insignificant price to set the donut purchasing seed. Even when you win 60 donuts or more, the enticement to keep buying more to be able to obtain higher priced premium items will have you end up buying donut packs because you suddenly kept getting 6 donuts only on Goldens.

    It's a slippery slope and for anyone who has been holding out not paying money to play, i'd suggest steer well clear of the Goldens :!:

  • A_KidAndHisCape
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    To Everyone Considering Buying The New Cool Ranch Taco.......

    MMMMmmmmm TACO's
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    I have terminal cancer. For those whom the meaning of the word "terminal" is too much for, that means I will die of it.

    Nobody is withholding a cure, because cancer isn't one simple disease and in fact, even the same cancer behaves differently in different people. Most people out there have no clue there are dozens of types of (b)reast cancer, as an example, and within that, different cell behaviors in each one, and within that, different meds that react in different ways on each one and beyond that, some that don't respond for reasons unknown. Multiply that variation between all cancers and you will realize that cancer is not the same disease in everybody.

    Finding a cure for cancer would be like finding one way to catch every fish in the sea, from one boat. The newest thing in cancer is targeted therapies, which is probably too much for most, especially the nuts who want to believe that "big pharma" is withholding a cure, along with Obama's birth certificate and the secret of where on earth the fake moon landing was filmed.

    Now that I have explained that, let me tell another truth: that this might be the stupidest thread in the history of threads.

    Don't like EAs pricing structure? Stop playing. Enough people stop playing, they'll rethink it. Think the price is within your means and worth it? Buy the stuff. The game will continue. That's a free market for you.

    Charity has zero to do with this. I imagine EA does give money to charity as do most large corporations. But they are in business to make money, not satisfy some hippie desire to provide water to Africa. You want to do that, start a company, make billions and have all your profits go to your charity.

    My money is mine to do what I see fit with. Obviously, being critically ill, I don't do very much. I play a game, and I read. That's all I can do anymore. I don't pay $14,000 for purses, $2,000 for shoes, and never have: but they exist. I have no problem with those who do. It's a luxury market and maybe for you, OP, this is a luxury game. I imagine you spend your money on a lot of things I would find worthless and better sent to charity. I keep my entertainment purchases within my budget as I presume all but the smartest people do. I don't find anything I've bought to be too expensive because, get this:

    I wouldn't have bought it if I thought so.

    If you go broke over a game like this then "ha ha!"

    And, this thread is pretty ha ha! Lots of people's mama's clearly drank too much wine (but could stop anytime, the famous alcoholic saying) and wrecked their kids brain, if you ask me.
  • am4692
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    Wow, can't believe this thread is still going.

    There are a lot of interesting points been made in here, but one continuing topic, people are going to spend their hard earned moneys how they want and their ain't a darn thing any one can do about it.

    I do think that beeblebrox900 is right in saying, the gambling with the golden scratchers gose a bit far for a game that's ment to be acceptable for all ages. But i suppose at that age it's up to the parents to regulate the content of the game as 10yo don't normally have jobs.

    If you think the price of the game is to high I say do the math again. It would not surprise me if its less then $15 a month, really I wouldn't care if I lost that amount out the window of my car. Ecentualy that's what your doing, don't look at the accumulative value. It's pointless to think about it.

    One last thing, if your broke and still decide to pay money for content don't blame EA blame yourself. As for the idear that if we all stop paying for content then EA will change their act, I find that amusing if anything they will decide that the games run it's corse and stop making new content altogether.

  • Gilby01
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    Best thread ever. This thread has more gold than the afore mentioned leprechaun!
  • blhoobler
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    The OP has a point and tho I'm sure most people posting here are trolls or kids, you should really consider how you spend your money and what impact it has. A little good cab go along way, EA doesn't give a crap about u, just ur cash. It's evident in their customer service. Remember the servers can be shut down tomorrow and all yr virtual garbage will be gone. Money spent in their pockets with nothing to show for it.
  • am4692
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    ^^At the end of the day that's life, nothing is forever.
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