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Cant connect to the server


  • Same here, I’ve not been able to connect since yesterday either. I’m in Scotland, so annoying
  • Apparently the issue is only on the iPads....I had put it back on my iPhone for now until the issue is fixed. Works fine when connected to the server in the game on the iPhones.

    I have android
  • Im playing on iPhone and have been unable to get past the cannot connect to server screen for 24 hours now, contacted EA but nothing worked, really hope it’s fixed tomorrow I’m starting to stress about missing out on the next event D:
  • I have no able to login since yesterday, i am usung a Iphone 6
  • I can’t get into my game on the iPhone or iPad but my husband can play his game just fine
  • I usually play on both platforms, iPhone and iPad. But get the same error on both.
  • I’m having the same issue and I have an iPhone. Logged in and everything was working and all of a sudden it wasn’t.
  • Same here on galaxy note (10.1 . 2014 ) in UK, both of my son's working ok
  • Its back to normal for me on my iPad so all good there.
    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Im playing on a fire tablet. Still not connecting to server :/
  • simcadobro93
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    Does Anyone know when it’ll be fix ? It doesnt work since yesterday. -_-
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  • I hope this gets fixed today or tomorrow. Dont want to miss any events
  • I have lenovo tablet android and haven't been able to log in for about 24 hours
  • IckabodSchrek
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    74hands wrote: »
    Had to delete and reinstall the game on my iPad Mini, now working okay. I wonder if it’s anything to do with a recent iOS security update patch?

    I updated yesterday and haven’t had any issues on iPad Air or iPad Pro. USA, CST
    Hope everyone gets a fix soon.
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  • I've been having this Unable to Connect to Server issue since yesterday. I sent EA an email and they responded with the standard.... update your device..... delete and reinstall the app.... restart your device.... nothing was a fix so instead of email I requested a phone call and I just got off of the phone where I was told that they were aware of an issue and are working diligently to get this resolved as quickly as possible. My question is Why didn't they say that in the email instead of making me delete and reinstall the app when they knew there was a connectivity issue?
  • My question is Why didn't they say that in the email instead of making me delete and reinstall the app when they knew there was a connectivity issue?

    Because you’re communicating with different groups of people. By and large when you’re interacting with EA via e-mail, you’re dealing with people who work off of a script and who don’t know much about the game.

  • Same here, cannot maintain connection since noon 1/12/18 EST....can connect using iPhone that hasn’t been updated, but not with iPad that was iOS updated several days ago...both using the same Wi-Fi and modem. Is there an iOS glitch?
  • ebron62 wrote: »
    Is there an iOS glitch?

    No. Whatever is going on is affecting Android as well as iOS users.

  • and now reinstalling isnt working. loads fine after doing so but it doesnt save, you try to go to friends or krustyland, which we all know forces a save, and you get the same connecting issue.
  • jessicaemi42
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    This isn’t an iOS update glitch, I’ve tried an iPhone and iPad both of which hadn’t been updated and an iPhone that had and all 3 have the same server issue. :(
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