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Haven’t been able to get into game all day


  • Mine still doesnt work in here South Korea :disappointed: since yesterday(jan 13)
  • I'm in Maryland have an android tablet. Can't connect for about 24 hours. Issue still ongoing.
  • Try playing with another tablet. I changed the tablet and I'm playing now
  • Maybe you should say what models your using. I have a Samsung s5 and its not working
  • Could not make it in with my iPad but when I used my Android phone it worked for me
  • Haven't been able to login on 2 devices here since this morning (android).
  • My Mom is having the same issue now and on the phone with EA as I type this (Android).
  • 2013-08-22-09-27-00.png

    I have been met with this error ever since yesterday, January 12. Running Apple iOS 11.2.2 on iPad. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. This seemed to work temporarily, however after a couple logins the problem reoccured. After sifting through comments it is apparent the issue is global and spans across multiple platforms. I have been playing for two years, this seems to be the longest a login problem has endured.
  • JUST hour ago everything was ok. Now I cannot join the game aswell..
  • Maybe we wait until Monday morning when the technical staff returns to work after a restful weekend. Unless, of course, they have MLK Day off as well...
  • spyder1952850
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    Tried my pixel, and my iPad at the same time on the same Springfield. (spyder1952850) and connected with both at the same time. Cleared the three tourists from the Sleep-easy on both before getting bumped, on both. Shut them both down and the iPad now works just fine.
  • I was able to get on on my iPhone 6 a couple of hours ago and then got bumped out again. Haven’t been able to get on since. Have tried reinstalling etc but doesn’t work.
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    This is what’s currently posted on down detector. Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate or current. Not everyone reports outages.
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  • Easily get on my iPhone, but since yesterday I can’t get on the game on the iPad.
    iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone 13 Blue.
  • I still can’t login on my iPad Pro, so at least 24 hours down time for me. Rebooting and reinstalling hasn’t worked.
    I’m in Queensland, Australia.
  • It certainly one of the strange ones this outage, as I said my re-install fixed the problem for me but at the same time whilst I couldn't access the game my wife sat next to me had absolutely no issue at all, the only thing that I can think of is that it's certain servers that have a problem and if you happen to be directed to connect to one of those then your out of luck.
  • kellieands424
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    I haven't been able to get on at all today either, but my husband has. I figured the servers are down. I read somewhere that someone talking to the EA techs came to the conclusion that it was exclusively with iPads. I play on my Kindle Fire and my husband on his iPhone, so that's not the issue. Hope it's fixed soon!
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  • jessicaemi42
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    I also read that it was iPads but I have tried 3 seperate devices, 2 iPhones and an iPad, all were unable to login. I’ve been locked out for over 24 hours now! So frustrating :(
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  • Okay not able to get in on iPad but my husband can. My deal is that we should be able to get our extras earned
  • The other day I had the problem that I couldn't get into the game on either my iPad Mini 2 or my Kindle Fire - though I could get in on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. I investigated and found that my iPad had a pending system update. I updated the iPad and then I could play on both it and the Fire.
    Weird stuff happens.
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