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Bart Royale and Valentine's Day 2018: Dates

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Doomsday Mystery Box: Mutant Rabbit, Death, Cemetery Plot w/Gravedigger Billy, Crazy Cat House w/Crazy Iguana Lady, Foggy Swamp w/Crazy Iguana Lady, Mayan Bundle (Mayan Calendar w/Mayan God, Mayan Homer and Mayan Marge), Mayan Homer and Mayan Marge, Mayan Marge, Pet Cemetary w/Clawing Zombie and Snarling Zombie, Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe, E.P.A. Hoverjet, Vehicle Pileup, Zombie Sandwich, Police Tank, The Island of Dr. Hibbert, Apu's Apocalypse Jeep
Date Night Mystery Box: Brandine, Shauna, Mona, Powers House w/Laura Powers, Der Krazy Kraut w/Becky, Motherloving Sugar Co. w/DiaBetty, STEM Conference Hotel w/Brendan Beiderbecke, Hootenanny Barn w/Luke Stetson, Fiesta Terrace w/Jacques, Madame Chao's w/Mindy, Up, Up and Buffet, Phineas Q. Butterfats, Aztec Theatre, Howard Flowers, Le Krusty Burger, Rio Days-Inn-Ero, Swanky Fish
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