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Friend visits

Sorry if this was already asked. What are we supposed to tap in neighbors towns? None of the buildings have $ and I don't see "people"


  • meinaz
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    After you get far enough in the quest line, you will be able to tap ruffians in neighbor towns.
  • Thanks.
  • Hajekfam
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    edited January 2018
    Noticed that even though it said you got 10 beer bottles for 30 actions, I only got them for 29. That 30th tap only gave dollars.
  • Another event where visiting neighbours is almost completely useless... :/
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  • Hajekfam wrote: »
    Noticed that even though it said you got 10 beer bottles for 30 actions, I only got them for 29. That 30th tap only gave dollars.

    Its been like that for the last 3 events. EA slowly cutting back on the cash ;)
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  • Malyli
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    edited January 2018
    I was wondering what to tap in Neighbors towns, too. I was happy to find your question. I'm kind of new to the game and was really into it but not having a good reason to visit neighbors really slows my money-making and my progression through levels. This really stinks. I may give up the game altogether if it doesn't get back to being fun for me, real soon.

    ETA: ya know what? I have been a super active player since I started and although I'm still in the lower levels this is really disappointing. I'm quitting the game now.
    Way to go EA.
  • 9 friends, and the third tap on friend 9 is only cash, plus, as usual, your friends aren't even aware if you've visited or not. The game isn't near as fun as it used to be. Prime land now needing free land tokens, screen sometimes hard to move, unless you're trying to build an area, then I have to move the screen to get the object to move, because, the screen moves too easily to move the object on its own, is slowly driving me insane. I don't get as fancy doing an area as much as I used to. Now, almost everything I try to place, the sign pops up saying I'm maxed on buildings, so now, I'm removing less things needed, like flowers, parking, and trees. This newest event, has screwed everything, and the fun of playing has become a chore. I know EA needs to make money, but greed has become the norm. All the premium stuff costs too much, and after losing over 1100 paid for with real cash donuts have been lost over the last several months on in game flaws, I can't afford to throw money away to purchase over priced items. I'm glad I didn't buy the 90 donut bonus card for friends towns. Used to be worth the purchase, but for less than 9 friends, it's not worth it.
  • Gary, I lost donuts and emailed with a iTunes receipt and a description of what I felt had happened, and what I would like to see happen. (My donuts back please) and they did give me my 600 back......within the 72 hour timeframe.

    By email you get a reply back very quickly sometimes...30 minutes -2 hours

    As for reaching the item limit I've seen this mentioned a lot and I think the players should expect an answer as to what can be done about that and what to expect in the future. keep pushing them.

    my suggestion is for every player who hits the item limit. As a RULE should take the 5 minutes to put in a support ticket. It is a support issue. It's unfair to offer items that can't be used. should be able to have many options of placement and decorating around each new building so the building feels like an addition not a burden. And should have ability to buy land for said items.....

    Every time I have an issue I email. Yes if everyone does it clogs the system on their end but so what, it forces results
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