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RESOLVED: Slaghold timer and Scrap City lvl upgrade meter

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Discovered two issues and curious if anyone else has experienced these (not really sure what I can do for resolution.

I have the Slaghold purchased and placed. Every time I check the building it always says "Ready in 7h 59m". Pretty upsetting to buy a building to gain event resources only to have donuts wasted.

Also, my Scrap City lvl up meter was up to 1050/1200 on Level 6 earlier when I crafted a couple trenches. Came back to the game just now and it read 250/1200. Magically lost 800 scrap in progress.

I like the event but these issues are really spoiling the fun. Has anyone else seen these issues as well?

Resolution Edit:
After submitting several inquires to various levels of EA Customer Service I decided to take one last measure. Having stayed as polite as I could along the way my final message to them was...

"As previously reported my Slaghold rewards timer resets every time I leave and return to the game, or go to neighbors and Krustyland then back. I use a Google Pixel XL gen one. I had hope that the start of the second stage of the event would include an update where the problem was fixed, but there was not.

Since I spent premium currency on this item specifically for the purpose of raising additional event resources and have not gained any the cost benefit is lost. Please remove the Slaghold from my game and issue a full refund for this item. Also, please send me a confirmation once the refund is issued so I may enter the game to confirm.

Thank you!"

8 hours later I received an email apologizing they would be unable to send confirmation of resolution but thanked me for reporting the problem. Less than 16 hours later an update was released fixing the problem. WooHoo!
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