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Glitchy, buggy, or just me?

Yesterday and today I couldn't tap the buttons to send characters to collect event currency, a few times I've "teleported" to my Halloween section but don't have the teleporters set up at the point of origin or where I landed. Is it just me or is anyone else having these issues?


  • Looks like it's just you...
    Set aside a day and call Customer Support. Or just reinstall, which is probably what they'll tell you to do. It could also be your device. I had one start to malfunction and had to replace it.
  • Try posting on ea's fourms. I hear that the developers go there to look for problems to fix, or whatever nonsense they tell people when they dump them here
    I do not accept unsolicited friend requests! PM me and say hi first.
  • It's absolutely not you. My game is a mess and everytime I play I find something else not working. Check the bugs forum. There is supposedly a fix, but involves talking to a lot of cs reps. I haven't tried calling yet. Good luck!
  • my game was slow to begin with on this update, and i've crashed 4 times already this morning and haven't even cleared all my characters.
  • I’ve got no problems
  • I’ve got no problems

    I got 99 problems but a glitch ain't one!
  • Well I swear there has been different problems on all 3 of my games but everytime I post people are mean and not helpful. Good luck.
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