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Server down?



  • Well they should schedule it for an hour after things go live. Not right when it go's live.
  • Tried reinstalling the app but it’s still down for me.
  • Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. Got in to start act 3 and was kicked out within a minute, then had a huge update come in which I didn't have time to completely download either before work or during my work lunch break, so finally got properly into act 3 12 hours into it when I got in from work. I don't remember having mid-event updates of this size before and if already had 34 or 5 in this event. And since the zoom is messed up for me after yesterday's update there'll no doubt be another update which will take me ages to download. Lack of WiFi in my new job really makes huge updates interfere with my ability to log in regularly now.
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