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The only remaining problem I have is that the game only saves my progress half of the time. I can put everyone to work, leave the game and when I return minutes later everyone is walking around doing nothing.

I'm one step beyond you. I'm uninstalling the game and EA can do without my business in the future.


  • GAquik
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    How about a response there mods? Why are you ignoring these boards?
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    campat01 wrote:
    Like many people who play this game and post in these forums I am extremely frustrated. I have given you a chance to make good on this game and I have worked directly with a support representative.

    To date, you have let me and many other players down. 60 donuts after a game reset is not acceptable. We have suffered through crash upon crash. We have suffered a major reset which left many users in worse shape than when you reset the game.

    Please stop offering excuses and fix this game. Please add additional levels. Please give us 100% trasperancy with respect to what is going on and and what you are doing to fix it!

    And compensate all your users with a complimentary boat load of donuts!!!!!

    I am to the point where I will no longer support your games. Freemium or paid games for the PS3 or Xbox 360. This is beyond ridiculous!

    I call all Simpsons Tapped Out Users to boycott this game and company until we are taken care of!!!!

    I know how you feel and totally agree with what your saying!!! Ea support is awfull!! And I too have hit a brick wall! Come on ea pull your fingers out and fix the game!
  • robertjack97
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    Yes!!!! I totally agree with you. I have been playing the game since it came out, and after the fix, the only bad thing that happens was that they re-arranged my level 20 town, and took town hall, SVT, and the lemon tree away, that was a bit frustrating, but I had 160 donuts and $150 000, then five days later after I fixed my town, the server went down so, so I keept trying to get in but when I did get in it went to the scene where homer is on his my pad in the power plant, so I kept going to see if every thing was alright and it was restarted, and it has been since. This is very frustrating EA, you have to do better than this. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  • brilami
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    wow, this game is going to suck more than ever. since the announcement of 60 free donuts, i am still missing 88 (which i should get back, cause i earned them) since yesterday, still missing. but the best thing is, yesterday, i logged in, and on the daily combo (1000$) there was a "fix 1 donut". i had to tap it, to get into the game, and they took 1 donut, are you f*****g kidding me? now you own me 89 donuts. i can't believe this is happening. no answer or statement at all.... :evil:
  • brilami
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    again i had to spend 1 donut, cause i missed a day. how the F*C* could i even log into my game, when there are always server problems... no EA U OWN ME 90 donuts!!!!!!

    s*rew you!!
  • sam966640
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    ADD ME!!! I check every day SAM966640
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