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Is this the same issue everyone else is having? EA Network unavailable.

I've been signed out of my account, when I try to sign back in it tells me that the EA Network is unavailable. It is happy to let me play as a guest though. I'm level 130 something with quite a few neighbours..


  • Me too. Can’t log in. Hope it will be fix soon.
  • Same here. Can't find any messages about this on EA site. I'm in Europe (Norway) and playing on an Android phone.
  • Same here, in Portugal.
  • Same here in Germany. I was playing then I got can t connect to server screen. Then trie to re login but error occured, after that the ea network not available message.
  • Same in Scotland. I'm playing on an Android phone. Couldn't logon this morning, now gettinng network not available message.
  • I'm also experiencing this issue, it's was like it for me at 6am this morning, and I still can't log in now.
  • Same here in Iceland
  • Same here in Gloucestershire, UK. Been like it since 6ish this morning, still nothing over 6 hours later :(
    The game is working if you want to play anonymously, but can't connect to EA servers...
  • Same in in the US. This started around midnight for me.
  • Still down......
  • I emailed them as I haven't been able to access the game in 5 hours plus, I asked for an estimate on when the issue would be resolved and what cinprnsatok would be offered for the loss of donut generating time and got this generic response almost immediately;

    Let me share with you that EA server will be down for a period of time, and they will be up in a while. We really appreciate your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

    Should you have any further questions regarding this or any other issues, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can also find answers to common questions on our Help Center at http://help.ea.com, or ask our community experts by visiting Answer HQ at http://answers.ea.com.
  • I cannot login into my 4 accounts. USA here. Started close 1 am CST
  • Same story in Vancouver Canada, panicked there for a min been playing this game for a LONG time didn't want to lose my city!
  • Same in the Netherlands. Not able to log in or connect to the game.
  • why doesn’t EA advise what’s goin on? i saw on twitter that they were doin work on their games but that was like 9 hrs ago
  • I tried reinstalling, still no luck. I use iPad, recently updated. Norway, started this morning.
  • nygrlee wrote: »
    why doesn’t EA advise what’s goin on? i saw on twitter that they were doin work on their games but that was like 9 hrs ago

    From what I just read on Twitter it appears that virtually all of the EA games are now back up and running but there still seems to be an issue with Tapped Out accounts still that is currently being looked into, unfortunately there is no time frame for the issue to be fixed.
  • Still no luck here in the US, but I did just receive a game update.
  • Got the same problem since this morning. Either "EA network unavailable" or similar problems :-(
    A whhole day chasing away Ruffians lost :#
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  • Same problem. I was briefly able to try and log in at 10 am EST and it gave me and login error. Now it back to having severs down again. I call them and they gave me general respond as they did not know when they would be down with mataince. The email said it would be done 7 am PST but it gone back into maintained with no time frame.
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