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Is this the same issue everyone else is having? EA Network unavailable.



  • I am this problem as well. It started around 12 midnight for me in EST
  • Still unable to load game here in London UK. My Springfield will be overflowing with ruffians
  • robynou
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    edited February 2018
    I haven't been able to play since 10pm PST last night. :(
  • ...since last night, network unavailable. strangely my GF can login in her game, ...same household.
    add me btw once the network is back =D
  • EAaaaarghhh puhleez help! it all started late last nite when i tried to go into my game, i had that bart screen n kept trying until it came to “you’ve been logged ou”. then i had to log bk to get into tha game n this is where i’ve been n it keeps saying “network unavailable”. my other game, which i didn’t “log-out” iz workin perfectly fine w/no issues
  • When will ea admit they have a problem and get it sorted.
  • I have had the same issue since 11pm last night in Arizona. Yet my gf didn't get logged out and was able to play this morning while I got logged out last night and now still can't get back in.
  • yay! fixed, thanks EA
  • Hopefully they are fixing the curent problems many have been dealing with for months and months
  • I can't connect to the server. I'm connected to wifi and all other apps and sites work fine. Are others having this problem this morning?
  • EA Network unavailable again this morning.
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