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What am I doing wrong this event? HALP!

Hello! player since whacking day- I currently have 9k event currency- I got to the update immediately and have been grinding out the Heists every 4 hours. I currently have all characters that can be sent on Heists.

I collect the villains regularly as well. But everyone on my friends list has 20-25k currency! I have only been able to place two things. Everyone else seems to be so far ahead of me.

What am I doing wrong? Did I miss an early glitch?


  • Did you buy any of the premium characters?
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • bluntcard wrote: »
    Did you buy any of the premium characters?

    every last one. I had enough donuts to buy every premium item for the event
  • Something is amiss here. If you're grinding every 4 hours with all available characters you should almost be done with act one.

    Have you been placing crafted items by the museum to increase your event currency multiplier? (max 20%)
  • I've only been able to craft three buildings at this point and one gondola.

    Every neighbor I visit has a full currency multiplier by now. Everyone has all the buildings and such crafted
  • It was slow going for me for a while too. I now have crafted all required items and enough to level my bonus on the museum to 20% but I'm just working on accumulating crafting currency for the next act, rather than trying to craft a ton of Little Italy buildings. I suspect that there were some people early on who rushed with donuts, as there are a fair number of players with massive multipliers and scads of donuts who can do that. Thus far I only have around 1000 or so crafting currency hoarded.

    A question...when you say you started playing immediately, did you find the update in the store before the event started, as some of us did, did you wait for a notification that it was available after the start of the event, or did you wait for the forced update? I only ask for clarification because immediately can mean different things.
  • Maybe you're not being awarded the amount of event currency you should be. Audit the list of characters you have for event jobs. Add up the total amount of event currency you should be awarded after a 4 hour cycle and make sure you're getting it.
  • What currency are you talking about? There are crafting currency that you're not going to see what your neighbors have and then there is prize/story line currency that you will see what your neighbors have. I feel like you are mixing the 2 up. Where are you on your prize/story line currency, the one that unlocks the leaning tower and a couple characters?
  • I moved at a decent pace with all premium characters bought until I found out I had Smithers, Snake, Ruth Powers, Molloy and Johnny Tightlips in my storage. While going through my characters storage only Johnny and Molloy had a "Helps with heists!" in their description.

    This image comes from a thread somewhere around here but I can't remember which one. N4j6mDY.png
  • scskye
    102 posts Member
    I feel like I’m in the same boat. I got the characters and still feel like I’m not getting anywhere
  • Brabsel
    682 posts Member
    I noticed that sending the characters will only amount to ~ half of the obtainable amount. The other half is from the tapable npcs that are running around. So don't forget them and always clear them all.
  • Strange, I am nearly done with act 1.
  • I'm almost done too. I only get to check in twice (maybe three times) a day. But because of that I try to visit my neighbors every day. I've already finished the quest line and received four rounds of bonuts too. Either way you should be fine. There are still six days left to get all the prizes.
  • Big82S
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    The pope can also help. The True Light Death Star wont furnish it self.

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