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My Oscar Wilde Ghost Story

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I have a story about the Ghost of Oscar Wilde. The ghost of Oscar Wilde is said to haunt the Savoy Hotel in London where he lived from time to time. In fact people do séances for Oscar in his old room, it is not a very nice room, but I always wondered why that room was always booked. It not named the Oscar Wilde room. Next to that room is a storage room called "Aladdin storage room" there is lots of valuable stuff in that room hence the name. Late one Friday night I was in that room doing stock checking when I had a cheeky experience with the Ghost of Oscar Wilde... he grabbed my a$$! I spun around and told Oscar "Don't touch me there!" then continued on with my work. I felt his fingers, but I knew who is was. He's a cheeky ghost.

So I had to get the Ghost of Oscar Wilde, he is the second character on tapped out I have met [I met Stephen Hawking too, he was a frequent guest at The Savoy]


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