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What Time is it? (Springfield edition)

Yesterday i (re-)realised that every clock ingame has a different time displayed. It might be enough for a whole chrono-district, so lets get right into the topic. I made some screenshots of each and every clock i could find (but havent uploaded them yet), here are all clocks in chronological order (excluding the Big Digi-Ben, for obvious reasons ;) ):

Duff Brewery: 1:54
Rommelwood: 2:00 and 3:00 (weird one)
Italian Villa: 2:52
Westminster Abbey: 3:00 (TEA TIME)
Post Office: 4:05
Courthouse: 5:14 (same time at the destroyed skin)
Britannia-Casino: 8:55
Capital City Capital Building: 10:05
Fortune Megastor: 11:00 (its weird as well)

If you happen to stumble across another clock i missed, feel free to tell me. Also, if youre happen to be inspired and start to build Chronotown, please share your work :)


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